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3-Minute Microwave Flaxseed Bread

Of all the microwave breads I’ve made to date, this flaxseed bread is probably my favourite. It’s really, really simple to make. If you just buy a large pack of flaxseed meal (I use Bob’s Red Mill Organic Golden Flaxseed Meal) and store it away in your pantry, you can easily make this flaxseed bread […]

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Egg Pancake Rolls 台式蛋饼 | Dan Bing Recipe

Hello hello! I hope everybody is keeping well and staying safe during this COVID-19 pandemic. I’m sure it has been a rough time for many with all that lockdown measures and more. We’re all in this together but I strongly believe we will ultimately overcome COVID-19. Continue to stay strong, stay positive and most importantly, […]

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Chicken, Pepperoni and Bacon Club Sandwich

The club sandwich is one of my all-time favourite sandwiches because they are huge and thick with plenty of ingredients so you get to taste different flavours and textures all at once. From the tender chicken breast, crispy bacon, smoky pepperoni to the savoury cheese, sweet tomatoes and crunchy lettuce – everything just come together so […]

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Mackerel Sandwich Recipe (Turkish balık ekmek)

The balık (fish) ekmek (bread) is a popular street food snack from Turkey. It consists of a fried or grilled mackerel fillet and assorted vegetables stuffed in a baguette. Very simple street food item, nothing fanciful. You can easily find this Turkish mackerel sandwich near the Galata Bridge (along the waterfront of Karaköy and Eminönü) […]

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Insta-Worthy Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Good morning sunshine! ☀️☀️☀️ Happy Sunday, everyone! Hubby is still running his 21km marathon now but should be finishing soon (flagged off at 4.30am today). Go LG go! Hope he achieves his best time and breaks his last record. ? He keeps saying he’s running for me (as if, haha) and he always passes me his […]

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Hawaiian Pizza Recipe

I love using tortillas or chapatis as pizza bases. They are thin and hence crisp up in the oven really quick. That saves a lot of time – perfect when you need a quick supper fix at night. Normally, I prefer to make my own pizza sauce (click on the link for recipe) but on […]

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Chapati Recipe (served with Curry Chicken)

I finally made my own chapatis (successfully)! Before this, I was still using those frozen chapatis from the supermarket for convenience. They were tasty but they contained preservatives which I didn’t really like. Actually it wasn’t really difficult to make chapatis from scratch. My first two attempts didn’t turn out well because I didn’t knead […]

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Fish & Shrimp Burger Recipe (with guacamole)

McDonalds’s Ebi Burger will be back in a few days’ time! Woohoo! That’s one of my favourite special burgers from MCD that’s only available for a limited time every year. Anyway, I drew inspiration from the Ebi Burger to create this recipe which I can then enjoy it whenever I have a craving for a […]

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Prawn Rolls Recipe (Faux Lobster Rolls)

This is what I call the Poor Man’s Lobster Roll, lol. Most of you are probably not unfamiliar with lobster rolls because they are one of the ‘in’ things to eat in Singapore. But the costs can be really expensive and you probably don’t even get a lot of lobster meat for what you pay. […]

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5-Ingredient Nutty Breadsticks Recipe

An upgraded version of my Cinnamon Sugar Breadsticks because I added ground almonds this time. This is just incredibly quick and easy to make and it’s just another excellent way to use up day old bread. As usual I don’t like to go crazy with butter or sugar in my recipes but if you like […]

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Spicy Prawn and Avocado Sandwich Recipe

I made a Low Fat Portobello Mushroom Soup for lunch and thought I should also make some open sandwiches with that freshly baked rye loaf that I bought. This Spicy Prawn and Avocado Sandwich is really easy to assemble with minimal cooking required. I chose to quickly blanch the prawns in boiling water just to […]

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Healthy Cranberry Walnut Bread Recipe

I would only snack on dried cranberries once in a while as the ones we could get here often contain added sugar. So when I saw fresh cranberries being sold at the supermarket for the first time, I decided to buy one pack to try only to discover how horribly sour they were – totally […]

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Sausage and Cheese Strata Recipe

♥♥♥ Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥♥♥ Since my valentine is currently back home in England, I shall spend the day romancing myself and enjoy some quality ‘me’ time. What’s better than cooking up a Sunday brunch to start off my day? 🙂 I basically pulled out whatever ‘interesting’ ingredients I had from the fridge and pantry […]

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Cinnamon Sugar Breadsticks Recipe – use bread crusts or stale bread, reduce food waste

These days making sandwiches aren’t just about slapping on a spread or stacking pieces of ham and cheese between two slices of bread. There are so many fanciful sandwich making tools that allow us to make really creative and cute sandwiches that come in all sorts of shapes and designs. And with that, we are […]

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Singapore Roti John Recipe

I always chuckle when I think of roti john because it reminds me of the first time the husband and I played Taboo (Singapore edition). He hadn’t eaten roti john before and he didn’t know everything about Singaporean cuisine since he only moved to Singapore from the UK not long then but he managed to […]

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Teriyaki Salmon Pizza Recipe

I had shared my love for thin-crusted pizzas in my earlier tortilla pizza recipe post. And this time I thought I would try something different by using chapati as my pizza base. Ok I must admit, I’m so into the chapati these days that it’s probably going to replace my regular tortilla ultimately, lol. I […]

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