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Haidilao Self-Heating Braised Pork Rice

We swung by Scarlett Supermarket at Djitsun Mall in Ang Mo Kio recently and stumbled upon the Haidilao Self-Heating Braised Pork Rice (海底捞自热卤肉饭). Having enjoyed the hotpot version before, we decided to give this one a shot. Check out the instructions on the back of the packaging – it’s all right there. Easy as pie, […]

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Beyond Snacks and Drinks: The Best Food Finds at 7-Eleven Taiwan

If you’ve ever visited Taiwan, you’ve probably noticed that 7-Eleven is ubiquitous. With 6,500 locations across the island, it’s a convenient pit stop for snacks, drinks, and other essentials. But did you know that 7-Eleven Taiwan also offers some seriously tasty food options? While travelling in Taiwan, we make it a point to find hotels […]

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CP Foods Ready To Eat Frozen Meals and Raw Meats

Many of you in Singapore are probably not unfamiliar with CP Foods from Thailand. It’s a household name for ready to eat frozen meals and raw meats that you can readily find in major supermarkets here. Well, I don’t really consume processed foods and frozen meals often. But occasionally I do like to buy some […]

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Chef In Box – Fuss Free, Fresh & Delicious Meals

Update: Chef In Box ready-to-eat meals have new packaging labels now that show a detailed listing of ingredients used. When contacted, they explained that the ‘preservatives’ that were printed on the label were from the seasoning sauces used and that they did not add any extra preservatives to the food. When I was in college, […]

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