CP Foods Ready To Eat Frozen Meals and Raw Meats

Many of you in Singapore are probably not unfamiliar with CP Foods from Thailand. It’s a household name for ready to eat frozen meals and raw meats that you can readily find in major supermarkets here.

Well, I don’t really consume processed foods and frozen meals often. But occasionally I do like to buy some to keep in the freezer. They come in pretty handy during stay-in days (especially holidays) when I don’t feel like cooking or leaving the house to buy food. All I have to do is pop these snacky foods into the oven and then munch on them while watching movies at home. ?

I’ve loved CP Foods brand for a long time. I think they have a great variety of food products ranging from steamed buns, wontons and gyozas to nuggets, crispy chicken, potato wedges and more. Taste wise, I must say CP Foods has some of the best tasting frozen food products in the market. Best of all, they have kept their prices affordable so overall there is value for money.

CP Foods Ready To Eat Frozen Meals and Raw Meats

Couple of months back, I came across the CP Foods store on Qoo10. And I was pleasantly surprised to see some worthwhile promotions going on. After applying coupons and Q-points when checking out, I was able to maximise a decent amount of savings.

In general, prices on their Qoo10 store are slightly cheaper than that in supermarkets before any promotions. For example, the Korean Mandoo costs $12.80 for 2 packs whereas it costs $6.90 each in NTUC Fairprice. The Boneless Soya Pork Knuckle costs $10 for 3 packs (if you follow their shop on Qoo10, otherwise it’s $13) whereas it costs $5.90 each in Fairprice. They often have frequent promotions and discounts (currently, they are offering store coupons too). Also, Qoo10 frequently releases shopping coupons as well. So it’s not difficult to jump on the opportunity to save more $$$. It’s all about smart shopping. ?

CP Foods Ready To Eat Frozen Meals and Raw Meats

After trying this particular lot, I definitely recommend their Gyoza Series, Glass Noodle with Baked Shrimps, Teriyaki Chicken with Rice, Stir Fried Chicken and Basil with Rice, Tom Yum Wonton with Noodle and Thai Style Laksa.

In order to increase your vegetable intake and make the frozen meal a more nutritious one with fresh ingredients, you can include a hearty serving of vegetables such as bean sprouts, asparagus, broccoli and/or french beans. Just to bulk it up as portion is not huge anyway. Steam the main meal for about 10 minutes at high heat. Add in the vegetables and continue to steam for another 3 minutes to keep them crisp.

Besides frozen meals, CP Foods also offers a nice selection of raw chicken, pork and beef products. I bought their chicken legs and thighs which I used to cook curries and stews. Liked that the chicken parts were skinless. Really saved me the time to peel the skin and trim the fats. Also, the chicken meat didn’t turn tough after cooking like some other brands of frozen chicken.

Can’t cook? Eating alone? Just want a quick meal? It’s worth buying CP Foods products in bulk if you often eat convenience foods like these. ??

* This post is not sponsored or endorsed by CP Foods or Qoo10.

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