How to get to KSL City by bus? – Johor Bahru Shuttle Bus Guide

Update June 2022:

Bus service S1 has been renamed to F100. Fare of RM1.50 remains the same.

I know this post is so out of the blue. Why am I giving directions to a mall that many Singaporeans have visited for years? Well this kind of serves as a prelude to my following post after this whereby I will be concluding my bak kut teh eat-venture that will bring us across the Causeway to neighbouring Johor Bahru. And the place that I will be reviewing is none other than Soon Soon Heng Bak Kut Teh that is located along a row of shophouses opposite KSL City.

I’m sure there are many people here who do not drive like me so the only way to get to and around JB is only via public transport. The first couple of times when I visited KSL, I had taken the taxi from City Square Mall which I reckoned was the most convenient way to get there then. It was just a 5-10 minute ride and the fare would be approx. RM8 or so in smooth traffic conditions and provided the taxi driver agreed to charge by the meter. On one occasion, I decided to go explore the bus interchange area at JB Sentral and found 2 buses that go to KSL City so I gave that option a try and realised the route taken by the bus was similar toย the taxi’s and the bus fare for each person was only RM1.50. So easy and so cheap!

Previously, I had readers asking me for specific directions to get around JB as I had done a few JB food reviews before so I thought I would post this up as a handy guide for those who try to avoid dodgy taxis or haggling with taxi drivers. Also if you’re travelling solo or in pairs as taking a taxi wouldn’t be quite worth it.

When you come out from the immigration counter at JB’s CIQ Complex, follow the path/route that leads towards City Square Mall.

On the way, you will come across this sign when out of the building:

How to get to KSL City by bus

Turn left and take the escalator down to the bus bay area.

The two buses that go to KSL city are:

How to get to KSL City by bus How to get to KSL City by bus

1) S1 by Causeway Link that goes to Plaza Pelangi, Holiday Plaza and Danga City Mall andย 2) IM 17 by Maju that stops by Plaza Pelangi and Holiday Plaza as well.

2015-01-02 15.55.04

The S1 bus will be parked at the bus bay like this while the IM17 bus is always out in the sun behind. The driver of the IM17 bus is always seen shouting out ‘KSL! KSL!’ from his bus (really loudly so it’s impossible to miss!) probably to lure customers since both buses are different companies, lol. The IM17 bus looks a bit more run-down than the S1 bus and it also takes a longer while before it sets off (driver waits for bus to fill up before leaving) but I like that they always screen a new movie on the TV screen on board so I get a preview of it while keeping myself entertained, lol.

Bus fare for both buses is the same at RM1.50 per person. Just give exact cash (dollar notes or coins are fine) to the driver and you will be issued a receipt like this.

How to get to KSL City by bus

The only difference between the 2 buses is that S1 actually stops within the KSL City’s compound i.e. their entrance driveway and will wait there for about 15 minutes or so to pick up people who are going back to JB Sentral.

For IM17, it stops on the roadside outside KSL City and you will need to press the bus bell beforehand to alert the driver that you’re alighting.

The pick-up and drop-off points at KSL City for each bus are the same.

This shuttle bus service is very reliable as it’s fixed price for all and the journey only takes about 15-20 minutes. Recommended!


  • ken says:

    hi there! really appreciate at post like this! wanted to explore ksl soon.

    just curious…when you say dropoff and pickup points are the same. does it mean we just board back the same bus that we alighted from? or do we have to cross the road to the opposite side to take the bus etc?

    thank you very much!!

    • Geri Tan says:

      Hello Ken, thanks for stopping by my blog! Yes, for the return trip, just board the bus from where you alight because both buses move in a loop direction. I would suggest that you take S1 back to JB Sentral as the S1 bus is just right outside the KSL entrance. As mentioned for IM17, it will just anyhow stop along the road outside KSL which is not exactly a great waiting spot. But if you still decide to go with it, you’d have to signal for the bus to stop on that same road where you alight so there’s no need to cross the road to the opposite side. Safe travels!

  • ken says:

    oh ya so sorry. just to add on. how is the bus frequency like? would it take very long for the next to come if we just missed one? and for s1 there isnt any waiting time like im17?

    • Geri Tan says:

      I’m not sure of the exact bus frequency but I’ve never waited for more than 5 minutes for the bus. The route that the bus takes isn’t long distance so it shouldn’t take too long for it to loop. But if I were to compare between the two bus companies, I’d think S1 (by Causeway Link) is more reliable than IM17 (by Maju Bus) because it leaves JB Sentral promptly whereas IM17 takes a long time to depart (until the driver is happy with the passenger capacity). Also, S1 goes right into KSL City’s main entrance driveway which is of course more convenient and safer too whereas IM17 doesn’t have a designated spot for people to alight so it could be anywhere along the road outside KSL which can be a nuisance especially during rainy weather. So if it’s your first time trying out their buses to KSL, I’d suggest you go for S1 ๐Ÿ™‚

      • ken says:

        Hi geri! Thanks for the suggestions. I will keep that in mind. Intend to explore ksl tomorrow. And so sorry about the late reply. Hope you have a great day ahead!

  • Andy says:

    Hi thanks for the effort and time for the wonderful post. Intend to go there soon. Just to know that is the return trips for S1 cost RM $1.50?

  • Jenny Lee says:

    Hi Geri, Thanks for the information. Will try out one of this day.

  • Edward says:

    Hi Geri,

    Thank you for the great information. I am enjoying myself with the public buses in JB now!

  • Norizah says:

    Thks for the bus info.1st time trying to take bus in jb and this blog makes me feel confident that i can do it in a breeze tom coz norm we take a taxi or drive a car.:)

  • jaythen says:

    Thank u so much for sharing yr info, will explore it on this weekend. Cheers

  • Joe says:

    Hi Geri

    Thank you for the informative instructions. The information you provided is so clear even a a blind person cannot get lost.

    A question about taxis, I assume they all have meters, and sounds like by default they don’t want to use it? did you just tell them to use meter? I am traveling with my family of 4 (inc 2 little kids), so maybe Taxi would be better option as it almost costs the same.


    • Geri Tan says:

      Hello Joe, yep that’s right. Most of the taxis charge by one standard price depending on your destination instead of by the meter so I’d normally use a taxi app to call for one instead. You can also try your luck at JB Sentral (when you get out CIQ, you’d see a taxi bay along the way to City Square) where some taxis do still go by meter.

      • Frank says:

        Hi Geri n Joe, you can also go to the taxi counter along the taxi bay to book for your fixed price trip. No worry. I paid for RM 28.50 from CIQ too Sultan Ismail Hospital near former Jayajusco.

  • Wm says:

    Hi geri, may i know how many stops later should i alight at ksl? It’s my first time taking a bus out of sg ?

    • Geri Tan says:

      You mean how many stops from JB Sentral? Well, unfortunately I don’t think that’s fixed because the bus driver seems to stop their bus anywhere along the way when someone presses the bell or waves for the bus to stop. When you are at KSL, you’d just know where to alight cos’ S1 goes right into the driveway as mentioned. I suggest you let the bus driver know to notify you to alight at KSL – that would be most helpful. Good luck!

  • A says:

    Do not board Causeway Link from Johor Bahru during 6-7pm…they took more 1 hour to pick up the passengers to Kranji MRT. Suggest to take SBS bus 170…

  • audrey says:

    Hi geri, good day..glad to have this useful tipsโ˜บ intended to go ksl one of this day n as is my first visit there, thus afraid would get lost..hope with your guidance, i can reach ksl without any hazzles..um, anymore informations or food recoomendatio beside bak gu teh?. โ˜บ thank you..

    • Geri Tan says:

      Hi Audrey, if you’re going to KSL on a Monday, you can check out the evening night market outside KSL – a long stretch of pasar malam with plenty of street food choices that are worth a try. Alternatively, if you’re adventurous enough to venture out to the streets, you can take a 10-min walk to Taman Sri Tebrau Hawker Centre for tze char and local food (check out google map for walking directions). There are numerous choices of eateries around the vicinity, it just depends on what you like so I’d suggest that you take a walk around especially when it’s your first time in the area. Happy food hunting!

  • Azi says:

    Hi Audrey. Thanks for the information..me going there for the first time next week. Looking forward to it. You mentioned tat the evening night market outside KSL is happening on every monday’s? Weekends no happenings?

  • Cel Tan says:

    Hi Geri
    I have decided to visit JB this Saturday after hearing so much about the great shopping and good food there. And chancing upon your blog was a godsend ๐Ÿ™‚
    I will be departing from Jurong East Interchange and I understand that there are CW buses there.
    Do these buses stop at JB Sentral cos I want to visit City Square Mall?

    • Geri Tan says:

      Hello Cel, I presume you’re referring to buses CW3, CW4 and CW4S at Jurong East Interchange that go into JB via 2nd Link? They don’t bring you to JB Sentral cos they focus more on western Johor area. The two CW buses that bring you to JB Sentral will be CW1 from Kranji MRT and CW2 from Queen Street. You can refer to this website for more info: https://causewaylink.com.my/singapore-bus

      Have a great time in JB and safe travels!

      • Irene says:

        Hello Geri

        So from Kranji, I take CW1. Then after customs take S1 to KSL.

        • Geri Tan says:

          From Kranji MRT, you can take SBS bus 160 or 170 so you can use your EZ-Link card to pay the fare. If you opt for CW1, then you’d have to pay in cash (SGD). After you reach JB CIQ, you’d have to make your way to the JB Sentral bus interchange to take S1 to KSL.

  • James says:

    Hi, do you know if the S1 bus operate on Monday evenings when the road from grand paragon to ksl is closed for the pasar malam?

    • Geri Tan says:

      Hi James, I have not personally taken S1 on Monday evening but one of my readers who went into JB on Monday just for the KSL pasar malam took the same bus and there wasn’t any issue. Most likely you will be dropped off on the other side of KSL at a different entrance. Just to be safe, it’s better that you check with the driver before boarding the bus at JB Sentral. Alternatively, go for the Maju bus.

  • Haja says:

    Thanks for the post. Vey useful. Apperciate it.

  • Janet Pay says:

    Thanks for the great info.. will certainly try out bus S1 to KSL for a great shopping trip.

  • Belly says:

    Great m thank you for the infor, really glad the assurance the direction ! Planning to try today, cheers

  • J Wong says:

    Great Info. Thanks Geri!

  • Stacey says:

    Goody! FOund your blog when I was looking for Hakka thunder rice and you did a great job! Sounds simple and easy to do it yourself at home! Wonder where do I buy the basil leaf though? Is it really necessary? Heading to JB soon and KSL is a nice to place to shop! Thanks for the tip!

    • Geri Tan says:

      Hi Stacey, you can find basil leaves from vegetable stalls (ask for ‘jiu ceng ta’) at wet markets or chilled vegetables/herbs section of supermarkets like Fairprice Xtra, Sheng Siong, Cold Storage. I think the basil is one ingredient not to be missed when making thunder tea rice because it is what gives the dish that aromatic flavour. Let me know how it goes when you have the chance to make it. Cheers.

  • Kek says:

    Hi Geri, do you know the last bus timing from KSL?

  • Justin says:

    Thanks for the info ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Roger Lee says:

    Hi, my family and I are planning to travel to KSL Hotel coming weekend. The KSL hotel is directly above the KSL city mall rite? And for the bus ride, for children at 4 years old, do they charge at RM1.50 too?


  • naveen says:

    Hi Geri,

    Excellent Stuff, Thank you for this blog. Trully helpful for first time visitors.

  • Liz Oh says:

    Dear Geri, thank you do much for this article. I followed the instructions and managed to take the S1 bus to KSL yesterday. It was a breeze! Even managed to walk to the Taman Sri Tebrau market nearby. I have always prefer buses to taxis in any countries as I can experience the life of a local and there is no need to haggle for fare. Gave me so much confidence that I am planning to explore further places in JB next time by bus.

  • Sharon says:

    Hi Geri, any idea which bus goes from Jusco Tebrau city to KSL? Thanks!

    • Geri Tan says:

      Hi Sharon, I’ve not come across any bus that travels between Aeon Tebrau City and KSL. You might want to take a taxi or take bus BET6 back to JB Sentral and take S1 or IM17 to KSL. Safe travels!

  • Elsie says:

    Hi Geri
    Wonder if you can roughly direct me to Taman Sri Tebrau market after alighting from S1.
    Thanks much.

    • Geri Tan says:

      Hi Elsie, it’s best that you refer to Google Maps for walking direction as I tend to just cut through the small roads to get there. For offline map, I suggest to use Maps.Me app so you don’t have to worry about getting lost when there. Do note if you’re heading to KSL on a non-Monday evening, you should alight at the entrance along Jalan Seladang and that’s from where you should start walking towards the market direction. Cheers.

  • Simon Cheong says:

    Hi Geri,
    Thank you for this very informative blog. You have an eye for details, I find it very useful.

  • hoopies says:

    Really thanks a lot for the info will explore ksl more often

  • Andy says:

    Hi Geri,

    Does the S1 bus stop at Danga City Mall and is it before or after KSL? Else do you happen to know how I can get to Danga City Mall from the CIQ complex?

    Kindly advise. Thank you.

    Best Regards,

    • Geri Tan says:

      It stops on Jalan Tun Abdul Razak just before Danga City Mall. I think it’s the 4th stop right after KSL.

      At times when traffic is haphazard, bus driver can just steer away from its normal route and the ‘designated’ bus stop at every point never seem to be the same so just ask the bus driver to alert you when your stop is nearing.

  • PY says:

    Hi there, just dropping you a thank you note and to highlight I have followed your instructions and everything went well. How can I share the current bus arrival and departure schedule at KSL (JB)?

    Thank you very much ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Geri Tan says:

      Hi PY, glad to know my post came in helpful. You can email me the schedule image and I will put it up on the post as an update. Thanks and cheers.

  • Lina says:

    Can i take this bus to alight at KSL Resort too?

  • mesia says:

    hI..may I know is there a bus to KLIA airport from KSL mall?how much the fare yah?

  • Roy Goh says:

    Just came back from KSL today by taxi, cost RM15. Now then read yr blog and post, will try to take the bus to KSL the next time round.
    Thank you for yr info.

  • Valerio says:

    Hi Geri, August 2017 we’ll come to JB for a 2 weeks holiday, we’ll have book the KSL hotel, my question is If we want to go from the KSL hotel to Singapore botanic garden, which is the best way by shuttle to go there… Thanks and Merry Christmas from Melbourne… Valerio and Franny…

    • Geri Tan says:

      Hi Valerio, there is no shuttle bus from KSL to Singapore Botanic Gardens. You would have to get to JB Sentral (as mentioned in my post), pass JB immigration (CIQ) then cross the Causeway to Singapore via public transport (Bus 160 or 170). Once you pass Singapore immigration, reboard the same bus to drop off at Kranji MRT Station. Then you can make your way to Botanic Gardens via the MRT train which is probably the easiest way to get there. There are also connecting buses which you can take but it would be too much hassle to keep changing buses.

      Merry Christmas to both of you too. Safe travels!

  • Jeff Bay says:

    Glad I found your post! Wonder if the rate is still RM1.50. I’ll be exploring KSL tomorrow.

  • Lahiru Jayasundara says:

    Dear Geri,

    This is really good blog and very informative.

    will you be able to help me on following queries;
    This is to get some information about travel from Singapore to Johor bahru(Malaysia)

    Singapore Departure location : Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel Singapore
    Malaysia Destination : KSL Resort Hotel , Johor Bahru

    I would really appreciate if you could advise me on the best method to get to KSL hotel. It doesnโ€™t have to be the fastest route as long as itโ€™s safe and convenient (Since my wife travel alone and carrying a luggage as well)

    really appreciate your advice.

    • Geri Tan says:

      Hi Lahiru, you just need to get to the nearest MRT station and take the train to Kranji MRT (North South Line). Right in front of the station, take either bus 160 or 170 to Woodlands Checkpoint. Once you’ve cleared immigration, re-board the same bus to cross the causeway to enter JB. Once you’ve cleared immigration at the Malaysian checkpoint (CIQ), you can just follow the same route I’ve indicated here on this post to get from JB Sentral to KSL. Good luck and safe travels!

      • Lahiru Jayasundara says:

        Hi Geri,

        Thanks very much for the quick response.

        Can she get taxi from JB Sentral to KSL.
        1. Is it safe place or very isolated place ?
        2. Are there any authorized taxi services in that place ?


        • Geri Tan says:

          Yes, you can definitely take a taxi but I suggest that you use the Grab taxi app to call for one as not all the taxis from JB Sentral are willing to go by meter. Some can be quite dodgy as well.

          • Lahiru Jayasundara says:

            Thank you and really appreciate Geri.

          • Geri Tan says:

            You’re welcome.

          • Lahiru Jayasundara says:

            Quick question Geri, When she comes from Singapore. Is there any place(In JB Sentral) to exchange Singapore dollar to Malaysia dollar.
            Or will those cab drivers accept Singapore dollar

          • Geri Tan says:

            There are money changers at City Square Mall and Komtar JBCC which are connected to the CIQ so she can change $ there. Not recommended to pay taxi drivers SGD – crafty ones might extort more than what’s charged so it’s best not to get into ‘difficult’ situations esp. when she’s alone.

  • Lahiru Jayasundara says:

    Hi Geri,

    We went to Malaysia (spent 6 days in Johor and KL) enjoyed lot. your information was very valuable and managed to have smooth trip due to that, Keep up the good work. Thanks very much for the very informative blog.

  • JA says:

    Hi all,

    Just to let everyone know there is a pasar malam (night market) every Monday only just outside KSL mall ๐Ÿ™‚

  • paul says:

    wow! thanks for the info

  • Julia M says:

    This information is very helpful for noobs like me who never go further than Citysq Mall in JB. Good job!

  • JA says:

    Do visit the food stalls in the rows of coffeeshops just outside KSL mall…. tons of good and affordable food there !

  • JA says:


    There is an area called Taman Sri Tebrau which is a short walking distance from KSL and a short distance from Plaza Pelangi. There are some coffeeshops there serving good food .. but most of the stalls only operate from morning until afternoon 12pm. There are fried durian puffs, fried bananas, noodle stalls etc ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Lisa says:

    Just want to say thank you very much for the tips!

  • AYSL says:

    Just to say thank you for the clear instructions on taking a bus to KSL from JB Sentral. It was a breeze getting around on my first local bus jaunt in JB, much better than taking those dodgy taxis.

  • Keng Kiat Ng says:

    Great advice!! Thanks!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Joey K says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Cathy says:

    Hi for S1, may I know we have to prepare for exact change?

  • Shirley Lim says:

    Hi…useful info. i m going to ksl from city sq. can i know if there is any bus from ksl city to jurong east interchange.? tjks9 so much.

  • Karen says:

    Hi, may i know the jb sentral bus interchange, is it the same bus interchange where we alight for malaysia checkpoint(ciq)?

  • Karen says:

    Ok. Thx.

  • Charmaine Wong says:

    Thank u so so much for this post! I’ve always wondered how to get to KSL from jb sentral by public bus and found your post. Truly appreciate your effort to provide info like this.

  • Jessica says:

    Hi, I checked with KSL hotel via email and they mentioned there is shuttle bus provision from JB Sentral at RM1.50. Anyone knows if KSL provide their own hotel shuttle bus or what they referring is actually these public bus mentioned in this post?

  • passerby says:

    Hi Jessica,

    They are referring to the public bus that will stop outside KSL shopping mall. If I’m not wrong, KSL hotel is located just beside the KSL shopping mall.

  • Val says:

    Hi Springtomorrow, do you happen to know how to travel to sutema mall from JB Sentral by bus as well? Thanks!


    When you travel by bus in malaysia do we have to give the exact fare or they will just you the change if any? Thanx

  • passerby says:

    Hi Val,

    I have been to Sutera Mall before about 3 years ago.. I took the buses that will ply along the main road, then I had to alight at the main road and walk off the main road to reach Sutera Mall. The buses I took are those that will go to Skudai … so u have to look at the boards placed in front of the bus for the name “Skudai”. If u do not wish to walk, u may also take a taxi.

  • passerby says:

    Hi Val,

    I went to Sutera Mall about 3 years ago.. I took the bus from JB Sentral bus terminal and had to alight on the main road, then walk off the main road about 10 min to reach the mall. U may also take a taxi if u do not wish to walk.

    The buses I took are those that will go to Skudai. So u have to look at the boards placed in front of the bus for the name “Skudai”. Also tell the bus driver u want to go to Sutera Mall.

  • Cathy says:

    May I know the last S1 bus from jb Sentral to ksl hotel? Will be arriving by Ktm train at 11.50pm. Thanks

  • passerby says:

    There is a new mall called “Mid Valley mall” located at Southkey. It had many shops and food restaurants and also some fast food restaurants like A & W, Texas chicken, KFC, etc…

    Before Covid, there was a bus called “MV 2” that costs just RM 1 to board from the JB bus terminus and goes there in about 15 minutes.

    Now, that MV 2 service is no more. There is now a private bus “123” that costs RM 3 that can go there. I took that bus recently and I’m not sure about its departure times from JB terminus. But the lady driver informed us that the departure times from the mall is 2.15pm and 4.15pm.

    The mall was packed with people when I went on a Sunday. I heard quite a few people speaking English, so I guess many Singaporeans are there as well. The mall has a few levels and it’s looks new as it was opened in mid 2019, just a few months before Covid struck.

  • passerby says:

    I would like to recommend a place in JB I visited before and again recently… It is called “Kampong Melayu Majidee” . It is small road off the main road …. an area where malay food is sold. But there is some variety in their food at very affordable prices … such as mee rebus with prawns (RM 7) etc.. there is also a very popular ABC (ice kachang) sold at this stall called “Azmie Wawa” located at the end of the lane.

    To get there, u can take a bus from JB terminus with the destination of “Masai”. The journey will take about 15 minutes. The fare is RM 1.50. Alight at the bus stop in front of a petrol station and walk through the petrol station, you will see a road and the malay stalls. Walk further down to reach “Azmie Wawa”. To return to JB terminus, simply cross the overhead bridge to the other side of the main road to take a bus back.

  • GoingJB says:

    May I know if the S1 bus is still running between JB Sentral bus terminal and KSL mall? Any change in bus fare?

  • passerby says:

    The entire bus network in JB has been revamped with new numbering of the bus services. A lot of the routes have been changed also.

    I just visited “Paradigm Mall” in Tampoi area in JB. This mall was actually built in 2017. You can take bus T31 or T30 and alight at the bus stop opposite the mall. Then walk across the sheltered overhead bridge. To return back to JB Sentral, you just have to walk to the Uniqlo shop on the ground level and then walk out the mall and you will see the bus stop to take the bus back to JB Sentral. There are a few interesting things in this mall such as an ice skating rink, a VR shooting game shop, a rock climbing area and of course cinemas (Golden screen cinemas). Each cinema ticket is RM 25. There are 7 levels in that mall which is quite huge but levels 5 and 6 do not have shops. So effectively there are 5 levels of shops and restaurants. Fast food restaurants such as A & W, Macdonald’s, KFC, pizza hut, subway, Marry brown, Burger King are all available there.

  • passerby says:

    The bus fare to Paradigm Mall is RM 2.20

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