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Ma Lai Gao Recipe

Ma Lai Gao (马来糕) is a traditional steamed sponge cake that is soft, fluffy and brown in colour because of the use of brown sugar. It is a common dish found in many dim sum restaurants. That’s why Ma Lai Gao is also known as the Cantonese Sponge Cake. Besides dim sum places, you can […]

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Peanut Butter Cookies | Low Carb & Sugar Free

I am insanely in love with peanut butter! Really enjoy making these peanut butter cookies because the whole house is filled with peanut butter fragrance as they are baking away in the oven. In fact, when I was making the cookie dough earlier, I could already smell the peanut butter. Yum! Making this batch for […]

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Baked Chocolate Mochi Cake

Been seeing a lot of baked mochi cakes (烤年糕) on TikTok lately. They come in all kinds of flavours and fillings like taro, cheese, brown sugar, cranberry, black sesame, etc. I’m a big mochi fan so thought I would also try making a Baked Chocolate Mochi Cake. If you have leftover glutinous rice flour after […]

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Banana Cake Recipe | Best Banana Cake I’ve Ever Baked

Yes! I’ve finally perfected my banana cake recipe after rounds of experimental baking! What an achievement, woohoo! I’m so happy, haha. These attempts weren’t really about making a banana cake as I had done quite a few in the past like the following banana-related bakes: Easy Banana Cake Recipe Banana Carrot Cake Recipe Healthy Sugar-Free […]

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Cheesecake Brownie | Keto Brownie with Cheese

I always make sure there are a few bars of Belgian No Sugar Added Dark Chocolate bars in my fridge all the time. So whenever I am craving for chocolate, I can just enjoy a square or two. It’s perfect for baking as well – like how I’ve used it for this cheesecake brownie recipe. […]

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Pandan Cheesecake – It’s Flourless, Low Carb & Keto Friendly

This recipe is very similar to the original Basque Burnt Cheesecake I made earlier except that it’s a pandan flavoured one this time. I wanted a taller Pandan Cheesecake as I felt the previous ones I had made were rather flat looking. Hence I used back a 8″ diameter round tin but with an increased […]

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Basque Burnt Cheesecake

During CNY period in pre-COVID times, my folks would always ask me to get their favourite kueh lapis from Season Bakery in JB. It was a must-have until COVID hit the shores of Singapore. I started baking different treats for them since then and they absolutely fell in love with my Basque Burnt Cheesecake even […]

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Almond Cookies Recipe 低碳生酮杏仁饼干

Chinese New Year is round the corner! Thought I’d quickly share this Almond Cookies Recipe before I head off for my holiday tomorrow (can’t wait!). Are you still fretting over the menu for your CNY reunion meal? If you need more recipe ideas and inspiration, you’ll definitely have to check out the following articles: 12 […]

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Japanese Cheesecake Recipe | Cotton Cheesecake

Yes, yes, definitely remembered my cake flour this time! 😊 As mentioned in my last blog post, I did a Keto Cheesecake Recipe by accident because I forgot to add flour. 😂 Today, I’m sharing my legit Japanese Cheesecake Recipe in which I’ve added some fresh lemon juice just to balance that richness of cream […]

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Keto Cheesecake Recipe – It’s flourless & low carb

Just need 6 ingredients for this Keto Cheesecake. No flour! I laughed when I thought about the first time I made this Keto Cheesecake. I didn’t plan to make a keto version initially but it became one because I forgot to add the flour in! 🤣🤣 Only realised I left the cake flour on my […]

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Oatmeal Raisin Cookies Recipe (Gluten-Free)

The smell of gula melaka is so enticing! Yes, I’m baking cookies with gula melaka (coconut palm sugar) again! Ever since I made these Sea Salt Gula Melaka Chocolate Chip Cookies previously, I’ve been having cravings for similar caramelly treats. 😀 So this time round, I’m making Oatmeal Raisin Cookies! It’s a gluten-free recipe Coconut […]

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Keto Brownie Mug Cake Recipe

Putting my microwave to good use before it becomes a neglected appliance. 🙂 Hence I’m making Keto Brownie Mug Cake today! It’s super delicious and super easy to make. Only takes about 1 minute in the microwave. As you can see from the pics below, there is no sight of a mug, lol. I actually […]

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Sea Salt Gula Melaka Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Woohoo! I’m so happy because hubby bought me a new KitchenAid stand mixer! Had been eyeing for one for a long, long time but was really hesitant in getting it as I couldn’t justify the high price tag ‘cos I didn’t bake enough previously. Now with my precious, I can finally make more effort to […]

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Healthy Sugar Free Banana Cake Recipe

It’s not the first time I’m making banana cake. But it’s definitely my first time making a healthy sugar free banana cake.😄 That’s right. No added sugar is the way of life now.😉 Erythritol – a sugar alternative and low-calorie sweetener You probably think this banana cake is going to be really tasteless and horrible […]

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Bread Pudding with Bananas Recipe

Bread pudding is probably one of the easiest desserts to make at home. And it’s an ideal thing to make when you have leftover stale bread to use up so it doesn’t go to waste. I normally put sandwich bread into the fridge on the day of expiry and then use them a few days […]

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Egg Cake 鸡蛋糕 – A Taste Of The Good Old Days

I grew up eating egg cake in the 80s when fanciful breads and cakes of today weren’t available then. The egg cake wasn’t anything extraordinary. However, as my late Granny brought me up, we had shared countless food memories together which also included our special moments of dipping egg cake into coffee. The egg cake […]

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