Yard & Co: A Seaside Café Gem in Johor

During our stay at The Westin Desaru Coast Resort, we decided to rent a car to explore the area and embark on a few mini trips. Our first destination was Yard & Co, a spot that’s been highly trending on social media. Our curiosity was piqued not only by the online buzz but also by the limited activities and sights around our hotel. And since so many people recommend visiting the café while in Desaru, we thought, why not?

The Journey to Yard & Co

The journey from The Westin Desaru Coast Resort to Yard & Co took about 35 minutes. It was pretty nice to drive from Desaru Coast to Pengerang, actually, because the traffic was light and the drive was smooth.

Perfect Timing for a Visit

Initially, we planned to have a seafood dinner, but since we had a rather late lunch that day, we weren’t hungry enough for a big feast. Instead, we decided to visit Yard & Co first. Thank goodness we did, as it was already late afternoon, creating the perfect atmosphere for photo-taking.

Ample Parking Space

There were ample parking lots outside the café, so parking wasn’t an issue.

First Impressions of Yard & Co

Once I stepped onto the café grounds, I immediately understood why Yard & Co was considered one of the must-go places in Johor. The café is situated right by the sea, offering stunning views and a serene ambience. Although it was a Friday, it wasn’t as crowded as I expected. The entire atmosphere was tranquil—you could really feel the breeze, hear the waves, and smell the salty sea air.

There’s this little pier where you can stand and capture the sea behind you, making it a perfect spot for photos.

From the pier, I was also able to take a different angle shot of the café, capturing its charming seaside setting from a unique perspective.

Let’s head right in.

Charming and Chic Décor

Finding a café that strikes the perfect balance between idyllic charm and chic style in Johor is truly a rare gem. The decor at Yard & Co completely captured my aesthetic preferences—it’s exactly my kind of place!

This is precisely why coming in the late afternoon or evening is preferable—it’s cooler, making it more comfortable to sit outdoors. Just picture yourself sipping coffee and basking in the sea view—it’s a truly serene experience.

Indoor Comfort

But we were too pampered to resist the allure of indoor seating with air-conditioning, haha! Nonetheless, the interior was equally impressive. It was bright, spacious, and comfy to chill in.

Diverse Menu Offerings

Yard & Co offers a diverse menu featuring a mix of Asian and Western cuisine, including seafood options. In terms of pricing, by local standards, I would say they are on the higher side, or rather, typical for a café setting. Prices range from RM15.90 for sweet potato fries to RM188 for lobster and chips.

The dessert and beverage options on the menu have certainly captured my attention, with several tempting choices already standing out to me.

Easy Ordering

Simply scan the QR code and submit your order when you’re ready.

Here’s what we got—desserts and drinks!

Yam Latte RM13

I went for the yam latte because I’m a sucker for anything yam-flavoured. It looked super cute with those purple layers! The bottom part was a bit sweet, so I gave it a good stir before diving in. And oh, it had this really nice milky fragrance to it.

Lychee Oolong RM15.50

The lychee oolong was like sipping on a fancy cocktail, all elegant and stuff! It was less sweet compared to the yam latte. You could totally pick up on the tea flavour, which was super refreshing. Only downside? Those canned lychees on the stick were kinda bland.

Milk Mochi RM16.90

When I spotted milk mochi on the menu, it totally took me back to the milk mochi we chowed down on at Tamsui Old Street in Taipei. The presentation was kinda similar, except this one came with a side of brown sugar syrup. The mochi itself was pretty soft, easy to slice with a fork. But the brown sugar syrup was a bit watery and lacking in flavour. It’d probably hit the spot more with some gula melaka. Overall, it was just your average mochi with peanut and black sesame powder. I mean, I enjoyed it like I do with all mochi, but it’s not something I’d make a special trip for.

Pu’er Tiramisu RM19.90

I was pretty excited to try the Pu’er Tiramisu—it was a first for me! But after a mouthful, and a few more after that, I gotta say, I couldn’t detect any hint of pu’er or any tea flavour at all. It was just like your regular tiramisu, but less sweet. Pretty disappointing, to be honest.

A Beautiful Setting, but Disappointing Desserts

Despite the lovely environment, the desserts just didn’t hit the mark for me. If the food was more appealing, I’d definitely consider coming back in the future. After our meal, we strolled down the path in front of Yard & Co to soak in the sunset view.

The next day, we decided to check out the Festival Village near our hotel, which was set up for the IRONMAN event. To our surprise, we found out that Yard & Co and Comma Bakes had collaborated to set up a booth. We decided to give their strawberry waffle a try. Turns out, it was very bready—definitely not the kind of waffle I’m into. Oops!

Yard & Co.
Lot 4785, Lorong Siakap 1
Sungai Rengit, Kampung Sungai Rengit
Johor, Malaysia 81600
12.00pm to 10.00pm Mon-Fri
11.00am to 10.00pm Sat-Sun

+60 11-5583 3319



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