Comida Fiesta – For Spanish-Inspired Filipino Cuisine

Off to the east for Spanish Filipino fusion food! We came across Comida Fiesta when we stopped by Expo for some shows previously and thought we would come here for lunch since we were heading to Changi City Point to look for trainers at the same time.

Comida Fiesta @ Expo - For Spanish-Inspired Filipino Cuisine

It was almost 3pm on a Saturday. Didn’t expect the restaurant to be crowded at all.

Comida Fiesta @ Expo - For Spanish-Inspired Filipino Cuisine

However, it just happened there was a wedding party going on when we were there. We still picked an indoor table as it was too hot outside. And the crew even came round to our table to apologise for the noise and stuff but we were completely fine with it. Quite fun to be part of the fun too, lol.

Comida Fiesta @ Expo - For Spanish-Inspired Filipino Cuisine

Vibrant Atmosphere

Loved the atmosphere of this casual dining restaurant. Somewhat vibrant and fiesta-like. 😉 And I totally loved these pumpkin and bell pepper shaped condiment jars – how cute! :mrgreen:

Comida Fiesta @ Expo - Lechon

A Filipino meal is never complete without lechon (suckling pig) hence we couldn’t resist ordering this Lechon de Caraway ($13.80). Lechon is traditionally slow-roasted but for this dish, pork belly pieces were deep-fried and served with a special sauce.

Comida Fiesta @ Expo

The pork belly might look dry and overdone on the outside. But when I took a bite of this, I was surprised how moist and tender it was on the inside. The crispy crackling was simply the star – so crunchy and addictive. The meat weren’t seasoned and tasted rather bland when eaten on their own so we had to pair them with the sweet brown sauce provided.

Comida Fiesta @ Expo

The Kare Kare ($12) was a dish of stewed beef with vegetables (green beans & eggplants) in a rich and creamy peanut sauce. That smooth sauce had the same consistency as a Chinese-style peanut paste dessert (花生糊). The beef were pretty tender but rather sinewy too. The dish came with a red dipping sauce on the side. It tasted like fermented small shrimps (cincalok) but it was more sharp and salty which kinda helped reduce the richness of the peanut sauce.

Comida Fiesta @ Expo

I was really looking forward to try this Rellonong Bangus ($21).

This Stuffed Milkfish Was Like A Kungfu Dish

A whole milkfish was stuffed to the max from head to tail. It must have taken the chef a lot of time and effort to remove the fish meat and bones without damaging the outer skin of the fish. Just look at the centre portion when I cut into the fish. So much filling wrapped within a thin layer of skin. Very impressive.

Beside fish meat, there were potatoes, carrots and spring onions in the filling. Rather heavily seasoned so had to eat with rice, otherwise would be too salty. We had to be extra careful when eating this dish because there were a lot of bones in the filling. Not sure if it was supposed to be like that. I wished the bones were not included because it was quite annoying to pick them out with every mouthful.

The fish tasted fresh though it had a slight fishy flavour. That fish filling really reminded me of my late Granny’s fish floss dish.

Rice costs $1.50 per portion.

To end our meal, we ordered the Brazo de Mercedes ($4.50/slice) that was a soft meringue with custard filling. It had a slightly firmer texture of marshmallow. Worth a try though I wasn’t really a big fan of it because it was too sweet. Would need a black tea to go with this.

Unique Flavours of Philippines

All in all, this was an interesting meal that we had never tried before. The dishes were nicely executed and were tasty but they were flavours that we were unfamiliar with so might not be something that we would keep coming back for. However, if you haven’t tried such Filipino cuisine before, I think it’s worth visiting this restaurant to see what it has to offer. Come find out yourself. 🙂

Comida Fiesta Restaurant
Comida Fiesta Restaurant
1 Expo Drive
Singapore 486150
12.00pm to 9.00pm (Mon-Thu)
11.35am to 10.00pm (Fri-Sun)

+65 8811 9070

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