Kimchi Pancake Recipe

I had half a pack of kimchi left in the fridge after making bibimbap the night before and thought I’d use it to make kimchijeon (kimchi pancake) as a tea time snack. If you have prawns or squids, you can always turn this into a more substantial seafood pancake. Just need to double the portion of ingredients so you have enough batter to hold the seafood together and make sure you have a bigger skillet too so the pancake would turn out evenly crisped up. If you love kimchi, please give this Kimchi Pancake Recipe a try. Enjoy your pancake!

Kimchi Pancake Recipe

Kimchi Pancake Recipe

Ingredients (yields one 8″ pancake)
75g chopped kimchi
1/4 cup plain flour
2 1/2 tbsp water
1 stalk spring onion, finely chopped + extra as garnish
pinch of sugar
pinch of salt
sunflower oil

1. Combine all ingredients (except oil) in a bowl and mix well. The batter should be orangey in colour because of the kimchi juice.
2. Heat a little oil in skillet and pour in the pancake batter. Gently shake or tilt the skillet to allow the batter to spread out evenly. Allow to pan-fry till bottom layer is golden brown.
3. Flip the pancake over with a spatula and pan-fry the other side till golden brown too.
4. Garnish with spring onions and serve.


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