Pezzo Pizza @ Ion Orchard

Recently, I have been seeing quite a number of Pezzo kiosks around. I was walking past one at Woodlands Xchange when someone inside suddenly gestured and ‘shouted’ to us to try their pizzas because they are ‘VERY NICE’ and the ‘BEST IN TOWN’. I was a little amused because the outlet looked newly opened and the pizzas on display weren’t of much variety, needless to say appealing enough for us to buy and try.

Anyway, my husband and I were feeling peckish one evening when we were at Ion Orchard and again we saw many people getting Pezzo pizzas to go so we decided to get one slice to share to see how good it claimed to be.

Pezzo Pizza

Pezzo Pizza
Meat Munchers (S$4.50 per slice)

The reason we chose this flavour was because it was just fresh out of the oven. It didn’t look impressive on picture but I loved it that the pizza was hot and the crust was baked to a perfection with a good crisp and crunch though I considered it quite thick as I normally go for thin crust pizzas. To my surprise (and probably amazement), the pizza did taste good after all. The pizza crust was nicely salted with a moist and slightly stretchy texture inside. It reminded me of some good ones I had in New York.

This pizza was full of flavours from the generous portions of ground beef, beef salami, beef pepperoni, turkey ham, beef bacon and italian sausage. It was a meat galore with every bite! The mozzarella used was really cheesy (I don’t know how else I should describe it!) and because it was just out of the oven, the cheese was a little gooey and stringy underneath. What a delicious piece of delight!

And at $4.50, I think this makes a really good snack. I’ll definitely be back to try the other flavours.

Visit their website for list of locations

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