Braised Beef Kway Teow Recipe

There’s something magical about braised beef or beef stew – think fork-tender meat in a robust & rich gravy-like sauce served over noodles or rice that soaks up every single drop of that essence. The thought of it just makes me salivate. It’s one of those classic dishes that falls into the category of comfort […]

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Using Pearl Barley as a Thickener in this Beef & Carrot Stew Recipe

When that terrible haze struck Singapore last year, I had been constantly stocking up my pantry with green beans, barley and chrysanthemum that are known for their ‘cooling’ properties as the older folks always reminded us to consume them so we could achieve a yin-yang balance in the body and minimise our chances of falling ill especially […]

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Beef rendang

Beef Rendang Recipe

I saw some really nice beef chuck steaks in the supermarket and decided to make beef rendang for dinner since the husband has been requesting for it for the longest time. And as usual, I’d try to substitute coconut milk with a healthier alternative of low fat evaporated milk. Of course, if you want the […]

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