Braised Chicken with Chestnuts Recipe

Hadn’t been able to blog as often as I wished to recently as I had been tied up with other work. Needed time to work on a BIG project too as Spring Tomorrow will be undergoing a major revamp! Well, I don’t have a specific date to roll out the new site yet as there […]

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Lu Rou Fan Recipe (卤肉饭 or Braised Meat Rice )

The joy of inheriting a family recipe from my maternal grandma is immense as I’m the only person in the family who’s into cooking but having eaten my grandma’s Teochew style braised meat for more than two decades on every Chinese New Year, I just feel I should really preserve and master this classic dish. […]

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Tofu with Minced Pork Recipe

I remembered when I was in college in the States, I was very busy with a tv production project at one point. One of my house mates then cooked Mapo Tofu for dinner and we gobbled down the entire pot of it with white rice. It was a truly enjoyable respite from daily frozen dinners […]

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