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Cheesy Ham, Leek & Mushroom Spaghetti Recipe

I love cheese! If you adore cheese as much as I do, I’m sure you’d like this easy cheddar pasta dish which is quick to make and just tastes so wonderfully rich and cheesy. I was just being greedy because 250g of grated cheddar is really A LOT for a 2 persons’ serving but I […]

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Garlic Herb Cheese Penne Recipe

Almost similar to the creamy alfredo sauce, this Garlic Herb Cheese Penne Recipe is one of our favourite pastas. Easy to make and perfect for cheese lovers like us. If you love creamy white sauces for pastas, then this is one recipe you should not miss out on. Garlic-Herb Cheese Penne Recipe Ingredients (serves 2) 250g penne, […]

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