Panko Crusted Shark Fillet with Lemon Mustard Recipe

I bought a slab of shark fillet from the supermarket without any idea on how to cook it. In fact, I had only eaten shark a few times and didn’t have much of a good impression of it but I couldn’t resist buying it as it looked fresh and meaty and it wasn’t expensive too. […]

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Fish Balls

Fish Balls Recipe – How To Make Springy Fish Balls

The only time when I really enjoyed eating fish balls was probably during my primary school days when I’d order fish ball noodles soup at recess time. Over the years, I seemed to have lost interest in these balls that I used to like because the commercial ones have added flour and don’t taste of […]

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Braised Leatherjacket Fish Recipe

It seems like the leatherjacket is usually not a preferred choice of fish for many. You don’t really see it on restaurant or tze char menus here in Singapore. Seldom see it at mixed rice stalls too. I wonder if it’s because it’s generally a low-priced fish so people tend to overlook it. Especially when […]

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