Oven Roasted Honey-Glazed Char Siew Recipe 蜜汁叉烧

I like char siew (chinese style roasted pork) for its smoky, roasted flavour but I don’t really fancy the artificial red colouring used for most of the outside ones so when I chanced upon this recipe from My Wok Life that doesn’t use any colouring at all, I just have to try it.     […]

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Pear Cider Glazed Pork Chops Recipe

One of the aunts gave us bottles of apple and pear ciders during our house-warming party. While we finished the apple ciders, the pear ciders were totally neglected as they didn’t taste as nice and were sitting in my fridge for quite a while so I thought of using it for cooking. Pear Cider Glazed […]

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Pulled Pork Recipe (and Coleslaw Recipe)

I’ve probably been watching too much of Amazing Eats, Man v. Food Nation and Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives on Food Network which is really one of the few channels I’m hooked on these days. The food featured on these shows kind of inspire me to whip up comfort food that helps chase the blues (and […]

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