Healthy Clam Chowder Recipe (with no cream)

If you’ve been following my blog and/or checking out my past recipes, you’ll realise that I use skimmed milk and Greek yogurt a lot in my cooking and baking. I choose to use such healthier alternatives because they are either low in saturated fat or contain no added sugar (or reduced amount) which is one […]

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Low Fat Portobello Mushroom Soup Recipe

I finally made my first mushroom soup! What took me so long?! Geez. I’m a big fan of mushroom soup especially those creamy ones but these are just too fattening to be consumed on a regular basis so my recipe is a low-calorie and low-fat one that is easy to make when you just need a […]

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Fresh Corn Soup with Crispy Tempeh Recipe

I tend to come up with weird recipes these days. Crispy tempeh with corn soup? Really? Besides sandwiches, salads and porridges, I often find it a challenge to whip up an easy lunch for just myself while taking into consideration the fat and calorie content. Soups are probably my next best bet. I would have […]

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