Pork Shoulder with Salted Fish, Lotus Root and Braised Peanuts Recipe

Normally when we have Teochew porridge, we would eat plain rice congee with a variety of savoury dishes like fried salted fish, braised peanuts, salted vegetables, taucheo (fermented soy bean) pork – all served separately. This recipe is like a 3-in-1 dish that combines pork, braised peanuts and salted fish. It might seem like an […]

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Minced Pork Patties with Lotus Root Recipe

Every time I cook lotus root soup, I would get leftovers of lotus root as it’s often sold in huge sizes in the supermarket and it’s just too much for a pot of soup. So these days, I would first slice up a small bunch and keep in the fridge for next day to prepare […]

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