Braised Pork Belly Recipe (using Heng’s Stewed Fragrant Herbs & Spices)

Today, I’m featuring the last product from Heng’s (a Malaysian food brand) range of spices and pastes that I had bought off Qoo10. It’s a Braised Pork Belly Recipe, also known as Tau Yu Bak to some. Like most other Heng’s products, this pack of Heng’s Stewed Fragrant Herbs & Spices contains no MSG. It is […]

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Pork Belly & Potato Stew Recipe

This Pork Belly & Potato Stew Recipe was inspired by this homely stewed chicken side dish I had at Ootoya Japanese Restaurant. Hence I used mirin (Japanese rice wine) to give the broth a robust flavour and sweetness while adding this Japanese element into it. Instead of using chicken dark meat (leg or thigh), I opted for pork belly slices […]

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Tau Yu Bak Recipe | Braised Pork in Soy Sauce 豆油肉

Ever since moving to our new home, I’ve been experimenting with recipes and whipping up dishes (probably delivering a few disasters now and then too haha) more than ever. ‘My kitchen’ as what I affectionately call it, is my favourite part of the house where I spend most time in everyday. I tried to cook […]

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