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Stuffed Red Dates with Glutinous Rice Cakes 心太软

The first time I got to know about the dessert snack “心太软” (literally means ‘heart too soft’) was from a local Channel 8 drama probably about 2-3 years back. It’s a pretty apt name for these Stuffed Red Dates which are basically steamed red dates stuffed with glutinous rice cake (or mochi). The middle is […]

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Steamed Abalone Recipe

I’m sure many of you in Singapore would have eaten canned abalone before especially during Chinese New Year period when Chinese restaurants would serve yu sheng with it or at Chinese wedding banquets too. But have you tried whole abalones with shell on yet? I hadn’t previously so when I came across this Abalone with […]

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Steamed Tofu Recipe (with prawns, oyster mushrooms & egg custard)

Steamed tofu? Standard. Steamed egg? Boring. How about steamed tofu with steamed egg and a whole lot more of flavour and crunch? And indeed, this was what I came up with, that truly represented my passion for ‘rojak’ (means ‘mixture’ in Malay) cooking, lol. I had so much ingredients, sauce & garnish on top that […]

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