Stir Fried Seaweed Chicken Noodles Recipe

In one of my previous posts about factory outlet shopping at Woodlands Loop, I mentioned about this Japanese Crispy Chicken with Seaweed from CS Tay (read the blog post here) which is one of the few processed foods that I do buy and use in cooking. And this is a one dish meal that I […]

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Korean Japchae (Mixed Vegetables) Recipe

Korean japchae is very similar to the Chinese chap chye where both literally mean ‘a mixture of different vegetables’. One thing that I really like about japchae is the use of dangmyeon (sweet potato noodles – you can get this from Korean supermarkets or NTUC Fairprice) which are thick and more chewy than the normal […]

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Char Kway Teow Recipe (No Pork Lard)

Char kway teow (aka stir fried flat rice noodles) is one of our top national dishes in Singapore that so many of us love especially the crispy pork lard that really gives it depth and flavour as well as the juicy cockles. However as we are all getting health conscious these days, eating char kway […]

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