Tiong Bahru Fishball 中峇鲁鱼圆 @ Tiong Bahru Market

I’m back at my favourite hawker centre with the husband! There’s this indescribable charm to the whole Tiong Bahru Market environment that always makes me want to come here and eat and whatever food I order can just easily put a smile on my face and makes me go ‘hmm hmm’, lol. Anyway, we were here […]

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Breads @ Dough & Grains Bakery, Tiong Bahru

During my Tiong Bahru estate roaming tour, I came across this lovely bakery just opposite the Tiong Bahru Market after whiffing a slight aroma of chinese herbs as I was walking past it. I then realised that this must be the (first) bakery in Singapore that specialises in various healthy breads that are made of […]

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Lor Mee 178 (鹵麵178) @ Tiong Bahru Market

I was craving for nonya kuehs and lor mee so I went gallivanting in Tiong Bahru for some good eats. Headed to Tiong Bahru Market for lunch and had queued up at Tiong Bahru Lor Mee Stall (#02-80) for at least 10 minutes but was told their Lor Mee had sold out by the time […]

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