Tahini & Miso Salad Dressing Recipe

I had some tahini left in the fridge after making hummus the other day and thought I could make a salad dressing out of it. I had read up somewhere that tahini works pretty well with miso paste but I only had some mild miso which wasn’t rich enough to counteract the slightly bitter taste […]

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Broccoli with Abalone and Scallops Recipe

The family has the tendency to stock up on canned abalones every Chinese New Year especially when there’s a deal so whenever we need to celebrate any occasion at home, a can of abalone is always readily available for cooking. I used to like abalone a lot because it was something that we only eat […]

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Stir Fried Bean Sprouts with Salted Fish Recipe

I always buy bean sprouts from the market for about 30 cents and then spend an hour or so plucking away the roots off every sprout. Not that I particularly enjoy this task but I guess its more worthwhile than paying 5 times this price for ready-to-be-used ones. All the trouble just to save that […]

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