Xoi Xeo – Sticky Rice with Mung Beans & Fried Shallots

My last eat-venture in Hanoi was a very rewarding and inspiring experience. When I came home, I couldn’t wait to kick off my cooking experiments. Wanted to recreate those lovely Viet dishes I had while the tastes and flavours were still fresh in the mind. One of the dishes that left a deep impression on […]

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Xoi Yen – Best Sticky Rice in Hanoi

Located at the corner of the same street as Cafe Giang is Xoi Yen, one of Hanoians’ favourite sticky rice restaurants. Xôi is basically a sweet or savoury glutinous rice dish that comes with various toppings of your choice. It is eaten as a main dish and is a popular breakfast item in Hanoi. Xoi […]

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