2004 Novena Peranakan Cuisine

Our favourite haunt for lunch. We must be here at least once a week. The name 2004 Novena Peranakan Cuisine probably means the eatery has been opened since 2004 and of course located at Novena. Nothing fanciful in the interior but the casual environment makes it feel like we are eating at home.
Being one of their regular customers, I have had several chances to sample Mr Tan’s home cooked dishes. He does tingkat take-outs and these complimentary dishes that he offers when I dine in are the leftovers of the day’s dishes (not on menu) which we never mind at all. Leftovers are probably the gems in this case =)
2004 Novena Peranakan Cuisine
Bittergourd Pork Rib Soup
One of the two complimentary dishes we had. The soup is simply divine. The sweetness of the ribs and the bittergourd were basically dissolved in the soup. Naturally sweet – that’s what a good soup should be.
2004 Novena Peranakan Cuisine
Sambal Ikan Billis (anchovies)
Slightly spicy with a crunch. Goes very well with white rice and probably anything else. This was the second complimentary dish from Mr Tan. Thank you! =)
2004 Novena Peranakan Cuisine
Sambal Sotong (squids)
Rather spicy but with a kick! The squids are very tender and juicy. It’s a must order dish!
2004 Novena Peranakan Cuisine
Prawn Nanas (prawns with pineapples)
This tangy sauce goes so well with rice. The pineapples give the dish a very refreshing sweet sour crunch that tingles your palates and makes you crave for more.
2004 Novena Peranakan Cuisine
Omelette with pork

‘What a simple dish. What’s great about it?’ Indeed, I suppose anyone can fry an egg or make an omelette. But, frying a GOOD omelette is an art and a skill and from this omelette, you can tell the chef has control over the heat and oil and of course the timing in frying. Not too oily. It’s one of the best omelettes I’ve ever tried.
2004 Novena Peranakan Cuisine
273 Thomson Road
#01-02 Novena Garden
Tel: 6256 1430
Opens: 11.30am to 3.00pm, 5.30pm to 10.00pm daily

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