4 Fingers Korean-Style Crispy Fried Chicken Wings

I am so hooked onto fried chicken wings. I just blogged about my latest Oven Baked Curry Chicken Wings Recipe yesterday and here I am reviewing on Korean-style fried chicken wings the next day. No doubt, chicken wings are my all time favourite to snack on. Never got enough of them since I was little!

12-piece combo set with drink + kimchi fries $16.95


This 12-piece set consists of 6 drumlettes and 6 mid-joints i.e. 6 full chicken wings. The wings come in two flavours, spicy & soy garlic and you can request for a mix too which we did with our order.

The difference between Korean fried chicken and other standard fried chicken is that it is fried twice hence the skin is much more crispy. But this also means the chicken wings would end up looking skinny and shrivelled with barely any meat underneath the skin. So if you think this 12-piece set can probably feed 2-3 persons, no, it can’t. I can devour the whole box and still not feeling satisfied from it because the wings are just small!

I can’t compare these wings with others because these are more of a snacky type of food and you’d love them if you love crisp and crunch. The chicken itself doesn’t have much flavour but the marinate sauce & spices rock. I prefer the soy garlic to the spicy one because it’s rich, sweet and salty at the same time. The flavours just explode in the mouth with every bite. The spicy wings lack ooomph as they are quite bland in flavour which is a pity as I love heat but these are below my expectations.

If you prefer your chicken to be tender and juicy, then this Korean style of fried chicken is probably not your cup of tea. I call such chicken wings beer food because they are more like pub grub which you can enjoy over beers but not as a meal on its own.

I rate the soy garlic wings a 8.5/10!

4 Fingers Crispy Chicken
68 Orchard Road
#01-3268, Plaza Singapura
Opens: 10.00am to 10.30pm daily

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