A Walk along Chemperai Trail & Lornie Trail at MacRitchie Reservoir

Finally bought a new pair of trainers from Nike Factory Outlet at West Coast Plaza. Excited to try out my new shoes, my husband and I decided to do an impromptu walk at MacRitchie Reservoir. And we even brought along a loaf of white bread to see if we might get a chance to feed the fishes.

2013-09-29 15.30.50

The last time we were here, we covered the Tree Top Walk and 2/3 of the MacRitchie Trails but this time, we opted for a shorter route, starting from the end of the Promenade, near to the Paddle Lodge.

2013-09-29 15.30.59The Promenade

2013-09-29 15.31.11 Paddle Lodge where you can rent kayaks

2013-09-29 15.32.31
The deck area with shallow ponds where kids can waddle in to net little fishes

2013-09-29 15.34.15
The Jetty

2013-09-29 15.36.27 The Zig Zag Bridge

2013-09-29 15.37.12

2013-09-29 15.42.03
2013-09-29 15.42.26

The start of the Lornie Trail is a gravel path in the nature reserve after which you’d see the start of the Chemperai Trail, a boardwalk route along the edge of the reservoir.

2013-09-29 15.48.37
2013-09-29 15.49.00

And here’s a sneak peak of my new baby. The reason why I’m here at MacRitchie today.

2013-09-29 15.54.03

Got to be careful when walking here as you need to go underneath the tree trunk to get across.

2013-09-29 15.54.21 2013-09-29 15.59.45

One of my favourite views. The water is very shallow so you can see the weeds and mosses in the water. But I didn’t catch sight of any fish in the water like last time so didn’t get the chance to feed. Oh well.

2013-09-29 16.00.29Spotted a big monitor lizard.

2013-09-29 17.06.35 As well as a family of monkeys. See the cute little baby monkey?

2013-09-29 17.08.37

More monkeys playing on the lawn.

We took about 2 hours to complete the approx. 6km trail. Fresh air, windy breeze, sounds of the cicadas & birds and the smell of lush greenery make a great therapy for the mind and soul. This route is suitable for all including families with children as the terrain isn’t that difficult, unlike the other trails where you literally walk into the forest ground on rocks and tree roots.

Just remember to come prepared with water, insect repellent, sunblock and a good pair of walking shoes!


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