Continental Bakery – A Popular Old-School Bakery in Penang

After having what I felt was the best char koay teow at Ah Leng Char Koay Teow, Mervin brought us to Continental Bakery because he knows I love to check out the local bakeries whenever I travel, lol.

Continental Bakery - A Popular Old-School Bakery in Penang

Continental Bakery is a household name in Penang. It’s known for its wide selection of traditional breads and pastries as well as healthy and preservative-free bakes.

Mervin said his family loves their German Longan & Wolfberry Buns, Chia Seed Loaf, Wholewheat Golden Apricot Loaf, Custard Puffs and Egg Tarts.

Continental Bakery - A Popular Old-School Bakery in Penang

Upon entering the bakery, you’d see shelves of neatly arranged buns and breads. Holy moly! The variety was just tremendous! Must had a lot of manpower to produce this large amount of breads every day!

Continental Bakery - A Popular Old-School Bakery in Penang

Continental Bakery is like an old-school bakery with a modest-looking shop front. But they do keep up with the times as they don’t just do local traditional bakes but also sourdough bread, croissants, wholewheat English muffins and more.

I was very tempted to try many of their breads but I had to resist. Had to keep some space in my tummy for more food later, lol. So I asked Mervin to pick out two items for me just to try for fun so I could avoid going to the counter area as I would probably point to this and that and ended up over-ordering, haha.

Banana Pie

This was a very interesting banana pie! I expected to see a moist ‘mashed banana’ paste in it. But the filling actually had a banana cake kind of texture with the addition of raisins that gave a nice sweetness to it. The banana flavour really stood out. Imagine a banana tart in a Cornish pasty, lol. It really wasn’t an ordinary banana pie! Loved it!

Chicken Pie

Mervin’s family’s favourite for years. The chicken pie filling tasted very homemade – definitely didn’t come from a can or pre-made mix. There were chicken meat, bell peppers, carrots and onions in it. Flavoursome and not too salty. Pastry was light and flaky too. Delicious!

This bakery is air-conditioned with a space for dining-in just like a cafe. You can order drinks and have your breakfast or tea break there. There’s also mushroom soup and garlic bread.

Final Thoughts

Now I know why Continental Bakery is so popular among the Penangites. They take pride in producing high quality breads and pastries and have done so for many, many years. I really like that they have wholewheat and low sugar options as more people are into healthy eating these days.

Their prices are also reasonable. For example, for those items priced at RM7-8, it’s because they are huge in size – a whole loaf can feed a whole family or last you for a few days.


Continental Bakery
33, Jalan Nagor
10050 George Town, Pulau Pinang
10.00am to 7.00pm Mon-Sat
10.00am to 6.30pm Sun

+60 4-228 3814

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