How To Add Beef Jerky in Meals: 10 Unique Ways

Are you in that state where the same meals every day are wearing you down? Do you wish there could be an easy way to perk up your daily meals?

If you’re a beef-eater, then you’re in luck! Beef is something that can not only be a game-changer for your regular meals but also make your everyday boring food way more tasty and enjoyable.

How To Add Beef Jerky in Meals 10 Unique Ways

If you’re wondering how beef can add some oomph to your regular meals, well here are ten unique ways you can add beef jerky to dial things up! 😉

What Is Beef Jerky?

No, it is not jumping beef strips! But having them will surely make your tummy jump with joy! Beef jerky is sliced beef strips that are dried or dehydrated and oftentimes salted to prevent spoilage. The word “jerky” comes from the Quechua word char’arki, which means “dried salted meat.”

Where to Find Beef Jerky?

You can find beef jerky in almost every grocery store near you. Most convenience stores also have this item. If you are someone who likes online shopping, you can opt for numerous beef jerky brands online as well.

10 Unique Ways to Use Beef Jerky in Meals

Now that you know what beef jerky is and where to find it, let’s dive into the tantalizing delicacy of this versatile item and look into ten unique ways to add beef jerky to your meals to take them up a notch.

1. Add it to Your Breakfast

Get rid of the pork you eat in your normal breakfast and add beef jerky instead. When you replace bacon with jerky, your weekend brunches will become even more intriguing and unusual.

The jerky will give your cocktails extra crunch and protein and will set them apart from the norm.

Beef jerky is high in protein, so incorporating it into your breakfast will meet your protein needs for the entire day.

2. Scrambled Eggs and Beef Jerky

Adding beef jerky to your regular scrambled eggs in the morning for a protein-rich breakfast will keep you active and feeling full for the rest of the day.

We already know that eggs are a high-protein food, and hence incorporating another protein source will boost the nutrient content. This breakfast is designed for those who are super busy and have little time to eat healthily.

You can also combine the jerky with additional items such as cheese and vegetables. Don’t forget to chop the strips into small pieces before adding them.

3. Beef Jerky with Boiled Eggs

If you have beef jerky strips leftover from an evening snack, pair them with boiled eggs. The flavor of a bland boiled egg can be enhanced by adding a bit of jerky on top of it. You can also combine the jerky strips with mayonnaise and Dijon mustard to add smoothness.

Boiled eggs with beef jerky on top would make a terrific addition to a kids’ or even adults’ snack party.

How To Add Beef Jerky in Meals 10 Unique Ways

4. Soup of the Day

Bored with using the same soup recipes over and over again? Add some beef jerky to them! If you’re currently adding shredded chicken, pork bacon, or beef to your soups as an add-on, it’s time to switch to beef jerky!

Beef jerky is versatile and pairs nicely with a range of soups including contemporary vegetable soups, corn soups, and stews. It also gives a crispy texture to your soup.

5. Add to Salad

The salad itself is a nutritious meal. If you want to load your salad with more protein that will taste great, beef jerky is the perfect add-on. Simply scatter a decent amount of dried beef jerky into your salad and toss it in. Once you have done this, you will never go back to bacon bits!

Beef jerky contains more protein and less fat, and it will go well with your salad. Furthermore, the taste of jerky pairs beautifully with salads.

6. Add to Sandwiches and Burgers

Stop adding bacon to your burgers and sandwiches. For a more unique and of course, better taste, add strips of beef jerky. This will not only make your sandwiches and burgers delicious but also add that crunch to the juicy bun.

How To Add Beef Jerky in Meals 10 Unique Ways

7. A Unique Pizza Topping

Beef jerky can certainly be a unique pizza topping. So instead of using regular toppings like sausage and pepperoni, try jerky instead. Because beef jerky comes in a variety of flavors, you can experiment to create new ones each time.

Furthermore, roasting the jerky with pizza makes it crispier. As a result, adding beef jerky as a topping adds an added layer of texture to your pizza.

8. A Fun Side Dish

Beef jerky can be served as a side dish to give a different texture. Serve it with mashed potatoes, stir-fried vegetables, baked beans, salmon croquettes, or rib-eye steak.

It’s a healthy side dish that has less fat and oil than most others. Experiment to find your favorite way to use beef jerky to add as a side dish for your meal.

How To Add Beef Jerky in Meals 10 Unique Ways

9. Add to Your Snack Board

You already have a lot of bite-sized food items on your snack board. Have you ever thought of adding beef jerky to it? Beef jerky is so versatile that it complements all the snacks.

The best thing is it doesn’t take over the flavor of a meal but only enhances its taste. Have it with nuts, cheese, or sauteed veggies, and see if you love it!

10. Sauce and Beef Jerky

Simply add beef jerky shreds to sauces for new depth and richness of flavor. Adding a little jerky to any sauce (red or white) will elevate the flavor to new heights.

Don’t add a lot at first. Jerky makes your sauce thick, so add slowly until you get the thickness that you want.


If you are a meat lover, beef jerky is the perfect item for you. It is rich in protein and has less fat compared to bacon.

Beef jerky is so versatile that it can be snacked on its own and also be added to almost all of your regular dishes to make them more scrumptious. Try our 10 unique ways to add beef jerky to your meals today and you’ll never go back to your regular meals!

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