AEON Tebrau City Food Court – Better than before!

Hands up if you also have a penchant for checking out convenience stores and supermarkets when overseas!?‍♀️ 7-Eleven, FamilyMart, Big C, Carrefour and the like. Because if you do, you definitely have to visit the newly refurbished AEON Tebrau City food court in Johor Bahru. Before its major refurbishment, I was already a big fan of the cooked food section at the supermarket because I would always grab a couple of things from there and ‘smuggle’ them into the cinema.? Love the nicely seasoned fried squid, creamy croquettes and juicy jumbo sausages.

Somehow it just seems to me that most convenience stores and supermarkets in Asian countries (particularly Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand) are way more interesting than our local SG ones. They have such a wonderful variety of ready meals (both hot & chilled), locally-exclusive snacks & tidbits, wide range of beverages, etc. Such a joy to visit these stores because there are so much to see, buy and try.

Aeon Tebrau City Food Court

This food court or food hall is located on ground floor, next to the AEON supermarket. Very spacious with lots of seating space. Basically you just walk around and grab whatever you want from the different sections and once done, just head to the central cashier to make payment.

Aeon Tebrau City Food Court

There are also other individual tenants occupying the food hall space such as Liang Sandwich Bar, D’Laksa, Chatime and more.

Aeon Tebrau City Food Court

Aeon Tebrau City Food Court

Salad bar

Aeon Tebrau City Food Court

Healthy selections too

Aeon Tebrau City Food Court

Dizzying array of assorted sandwiches, lol. I like that they have wholemeal bread sandwiches.

Aeon Tebrau City Food Court

Japanese food is huge here. Really lots to choose from.

Aeon Tebrau City Food Court

Fried food

Grilled skewers and oden


Local/Asian rice dishes

We picked out several items for brunch.

Double Egg & Shitake Sandwich RM3.67

The sandwich was surprisingly good. Maybe because we were early so this was still quite fresh. Bread was soft and moist. Filling was creamy.

Sausages RM3.67 each

The sausages were juicy as always. Highly recommend the cheese sausage that had good bits of cheese in it. Tasty!

Fried Sausage RM3.67 | Egg Tempura RM2.35 | Pumpkin Tempura RM1.88

J wanted to try some of their fried items so he grabbed a fried sausage, egg tempura and pumpkin tempura. I wasn’t so keen on them as they were quite greasy. Batter was a little heavy too.

Okonomiyaki with Egg RM5.66

The okonomiyaki with a fried egg on top was pretty good too. Paired with ready sauces (oko sauce & mayo) and bonito flakes – what could go wrong?

Nasi Ayam (RM5.56)

The nasi ayam (chicken rice) wasn’t one of the best I had but for the price paid, it was definitely value for money.

The prices indicated above are before 6% service tax. In the end, our meal worked out to be RM31.95 (approx. S$10.40). The RM-SGD currency exchange rate just makes dining here an inexpensive affair.

Besides the above food that I have featured so far, the AEON Tebrau City food court also has a Cook section where you can choose from a variety of meat/seafood and have one of the chefs cook it for you on the spot.

I just love this food hall concept because I prefer to go for an assortment of different snacks and food items that I can share with others rather than restricting myself to one single dish of rice or noodles. Prices are definitely attractive here, cheap in fact. If you like variety, this is the kind of food hall you’ll need to visit when you come to JB.

AEON Tebrau City
No 1, Jalan Desa Tebrau, Taman Desa Tebrau
81100 Johor Bahru, Johor
Sun-Thu 10.00am to 10.00pm
Fri-Sat 10.00am to 11.00pm

+60 7-352 2220

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