Ambassador Transit Lounge Singapore Changi Airport T2

J and I are going to Bali for a beach vacation! Woohoo! We’re excited because we haven’t flown with Singapore Airlines since travel restrictions were lifted. And we just can’t wait to go Bali again as we’ll be staying at Grand Hyatt Bali, where we met, romanced and honeymooned, lol! We took an early morning flight and got to Changi Airport Terminal 2 with plenty of time to spare, so we decided to have breakfast at the Ambassador Transit Lounge before boarding our flight.

Opening hours

24 hours daily


Airside – Departure Transit Lounge, Mezzanine Level (Level 3). The lounge is located next to the Sunflower Garden.

After passing through the Departure Gates, go right and take the escalator up to the Sunflower Garden.

Price List

Ambassador Transit Lounge Singapore Changi Airport T2

Ambience and Atmosphere

It was 7.00am in the morning and the lounge was already crowded with people.

The lounge is well-lit and spacious, with plenty of seating options and charging points. The decor is understated, with neutral colours and subtle accents. The place is kept clean and in good condition, with staff constantly tidying up and replenishing items. Additionally, there’s a robot that moves around to gather used dishes.

Ambassador Transit Lounge Singapore Changi Airport T2

Breakfast Menu

The breakfast menu at the Ambassador Transit Lounge isn’t very extensive. They offer both hot and cold options, such as fruits, cereals, croissants, bread, chicken soup, and typical breakfast items like scrambled eggs, baked beans, and hotdogs. There’s also a salad bar where you can make your own salad or choose from pre-made options like potato salad.

Surprisingly, the scrambled eggs were well-prepared. Tasty!

Beverage Selection

The drink options at the Ambassador Transit Lounge are pretty normal. They have a dispenser for soft drinks, various juices, and hot drinks such as coffee and tea. While they state that alcoholic drinks are available from 6.00am to 12.00am, we didn’t see any when we were there.

Ambassador Transit Lounge Singapore Changi Airport T2


We didn’t have much interaction with the staff at the Ambassador Transit Lounge, but they were friendly overall. While we were there, we noticed the staff refilling drinks and food. They also cleared empty dishes quickly, which was important to ensure there were enough tables available for people arriving at the lounge.

Value for Money

In my opinion, it’s not really worth paying a lot of money for an airport lounge unless you have no other options or need a place to shower or rest during a long layover. If you’re just looking for something to eat, there are much better options in the T2 Transit area such as the Straits Food Village, Pho Street, or Subway. However, if you have LoungeKey or Priority Pass memberships, then the lounge is a useful perk to take advantage of.


In summary, the Ambassador Transit Lounge at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2 is a decent option for travellers who want a comfortable place to relax before their flight. The atmosphere is nice, and the food and drink options are satisfactory. It’s hard to complain, especially if you have complimentary lounge access. 🙂

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