Arunda Oriental Massage on Soi Phetchaburi 15

Besides good food and bargain shopping, I’m sure one other reason that draws many of us to Bangkok regularly is to pamper ourselves with a reinvigorating massage. And it’s just a bonus that massages in Thailand are also relatively inexpensive. Well, in fact, it’s so cheap that we can easily afford to have a massage at least once or even twice a day while on holiday. ?

Shop. Eat. Massage. Without breaking the bank. What a life.

Soi Phetchaburi 15

Earlier, I had reviewed the Patra Boutique Hotel on Soi Phetchaburi 19 which is very near to the Pratunam market and is also on the same street as the famous SabX2 Wanton Noodle.

Just two streets away from the hotel is Soi Phetchaburi 15 – a street full of massage places. Most of them open till quite late (midnight/1am) so if you’re staying in the vicinity, you can easily come here for a late night massage to recharge yourself after a whole day of walking.

Arunda Oriental Massage

After trying out several different massage parlours around Pratunam, thought I would highlight this particular one which is now my favourite massage place to go.

Arunda Oriental Massage may be one of the newcomers in the area but its service is truly remarkable compared to many others and that was why it had me coming back again and again in my last trip.

Arunda Oriental Massage

The moment you step into the parlour, you’ll be asked to take a seat as you’ll be given a menu from which you can choose the service you want. When you’ve decided, someone will just usher you through the side door to change your footwear to their slippers and then show you to the massage room.

Arunda Oriental Massage

For those who are having body massages, you will proceed upstairs. If you’re having foot massages like us, you’ll be seated at the ground floor here. Your assigned masseur will then bring around a basin of hot/warm water and help wash your feet.

The Thai massage and foot massage at Arunda Oriental Massage is priced at 250 baht per hour which is approximately S$10. Cheap and good. For the same price paid for a similar foot massage at the Chatuchak Weekend Market, we didn’t even get our feet washed – merely wiped with baby wipes. ?

Arunda Oriental Massage

This was where we had our foot massages. Pretty comfortable recliner armchairs. I overheard one neighbour snoring away, haha. Not surprising because the massage was good. I liked the pressure applied and the extra moves of lifting your legs in the air and pressing down on the thighs. My legs really felt so much more alive (like new legs!) after the massage. It was as though all that ache and tiredness from all the walking had just disappeared.

Arunda Oriental Massage

After the massage, we were served a hot and soothing ginger lemongrass tea each.

Ahhh…bliss. Now I’m badly craving for a foot massage.

Heading to Bangkok soon? Make sure you set aside time for some relaxation at Arunda Oriental Massage. ?

Arunda Oriental Massage
Arunda Oriental Massage
14 Soi Phetchaburi 15
Thanon Phayathai, Ratchathewi
Bangkok 10400
10.00am to 1.00am daily

+66 2 000 4974

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