A Tranquil Retreat: A Stay at Beitou Hot Spring Resort

After a brief stay in Taichung, we returned to Taipei via the Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR). If you want to learn more about our experience with the THSR, including the ticketing process, you can refer to my previous post “Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) from Taipei to Taichung“.

I was eagerly looking forward to this part of our Taiwan trip because we were headed to Beitou and would be staying at a hot spring resort. I purposely planned our travel itinerary in this way so that we could relax and unwind after days of adventure in Hualien and Taichung. 🙂

We boarded the Tamsui-Xinyi (red line) MRT from Taipei Main Station to reach Beitou, where we switched to the Xinbeitou branch line to reach Xinbeitou Station. It was merely a 2-minute walk from Xinbeitou Station to Beitou Hot Spring Resort.


Beitou Hot Spring Resort, also known as 南豐天玥泉會館, is a luxurious hot spring retreat located in the heart of Taipei’s hot spring town, Beitou.

Beitou is a famous tourist destination in the northern part of Taipei City, known for its natural scenery and hot springs. Along with Beitou Hot Spring Resort, there are numerous other hot spring hotels, public hot springs, and foot spas in the area.

What’s around?

One of the top draws in Beitou is the Beitou Hot Spring Museum, which is housed in a traditional Japanese-style bathhouse and showcases the history and culture of hot springs in the area. Another popular attraction is the Thermal Valley, a volcanic crater filled with naturally sulphuric hot spring water located just a short walk from Beitou Hot Spring Resort. The steam that rises from the water’s surface creates a surreal and dream-like atmosphere.

Beitou also boasts several parks and nature trails, such as Beitou Park, which provides a serene environment for visitors to take a leisurely walk and admire the beautiful surroundings. In general, Beitou Hot Spring Resort is located in a picturesque area with an abundance of natural and cultural attractions to discover.

Beitou Hot Spring Resort

First Impressions: Friendly or Distant Front Desk Staff?

Checking in was easy and stress-free, but the front desk staff seemed a bit distant and not very friendly. It’s possible that this hotel primarily serves local customers who are here for day trips or weekend breaks to enjoy the hot springs. As foreign tourists, we didn’t receive the same warm welcome that we might have experienced at other resorts. Additionally, the staff didn’t seem to be very fluent in English. When my husband spoke to them in English, they responded in Mandarin, which could have been a problem if I didn’t understand the language.

Hotel Design and Atmosphere

We briefly explored the hotel to see what it had to offer. Overall, the hotel’s building and interior design looked a bit outdated.

However, the dark wood and soft lighting gave the place a calming and zen-like atmosphere, which is exactly what you’d expect from a hot spring resort. It was really nice to just unwind and relax in such a peaceful and quiet environment, especially since there weren’t many people around.

Beitou Hot Spring Resort

Although the hotel did have public bath facilities, they were separated by gender, which meant that we would have had to be completely naked to use them. We weren’t really comfortable with the idea of being in the buff in front of strangers, so we decided to skip out on the baths. Haha!

Beitou Hot Spring Resort

A Room with a Private Hot Spring Bathtub

We opted for the Deluxe Double Room, which was equipped with a private hot spring bathtub. The room was really spacious, probably more than 30 square metres in size.

Room Amenities and Features

Beitou Hot Spring Resort

When we entered the room, we immediately noticed the wardrobe on the left, which had plenty of room for us to hang our clothes and store our shoes.

Beside the wardrobe was a minibar that had tea and coffee making facilities, as well as complimentary bottled water.

Beitou Hot Spring Resort

The double bed was actually made up of two single beds pushed together. The mattress was a bit on the firmer side, but I personally didn’t mind it. We were still able to get two nights of quality sleep. There were two sets of bath robes placed on the bed. Nice touch.

Beitou Hot Spring Resort

The TV had ample cable channels available, but we didn’t use it much since we left it on in the background most of the time while we used our own devices.

What’s provided?

  • WiFi
  • Tea/coffee making facilities
  • Bottled drinking water
  • Mini fridge
  • Slippers
  • Toiletries
  • Bathrobe
  • Safe
  • Hairdryer

Balcony with a View of Beitou Park

We also had a small balcony area next to the window, where we could access the hot spring bathtub. While the view wasn’t spectacular, we did have a nice view of Beitou Park, which was full of greenery.

Relaxing Soak in the Comfort of Your Room

Beitou Hot Spring Resort

The hot spring bathtub in our room was big enough for two people to comfortably relax in. The spring water was also super hot, which made for a really relaxing soak in the comfort and privacy of our own room. However, we made sure not to soak for too long because the heat can cause dehydration and lead to dizziness, headaches, or even fainting. We took 10-15 minute soaks with breaks in between, and made sure to drink plenty of water and take cold showers when we were done.

Beitou Hot Spring Resort

Steam Room and Separate Toilet and Shower Areas

Our room also had a steam room, which I tried out once. However, I have to admit that I found it a bit claustrophobic, haha! So I preferred to stick with the bath.

Beitou Hot Spring Resort

The toilet and shower areas were separate, which was convenient.

Breakfast: A Mix of Chinese and Western Delights

The room rate we paid included a daily breakfast buffet at the hotel’s cafe. While it wasn’t the most extensive spread, it was definitely above average in terms of quality.

Beitou Hot Spring Resort

Beitou Hot Spring Resort

Beitou Hot Spring Resort

The buffet mainly consisted of Chinese dishes, such as rice congee with various condiments, as well as DIY salads and some regular Western breakfast items like sausages and bacon.

The service staff in the cafe were also excellent, which made the dining experience even more pleasant.


Our experience at Beitou Hot Spring Resort was truly a special one, as we were able to enjoy our very own onsen in the comfort of our own room. It was the perfect way to relax and unwind, and we definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a unique and rejuvenating hot spring experience. We had a lovely time, even though we felt that the front desk staff could have been more warm and welcoming. Would definitely consider returning in the future.

Beitou Hot Spring Resort 南豐天玥泉會館
No. 3, Zhongshan Rd
Beitou Dist., Taipei City 112
Check-in 4pm onwards
Check-out before 12.00pm

+886 2 2898 8661





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