Boat Noodle Komtar JBCC, Johor Bahru – Better than the boat noodles in Bangkok

I first tried this boat noodle restaurant when I visited their outlet at Avenue K in KL last year (read my previous blog post: The Original Boat Noodle @ Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur) and I really enjoyed the food. In fact, I thought their broths for the boat noodles tasted better than the ones I had in my recent Bangkok trip. Surprising, surprising.

When I caught wind that Boat Noodle had also opened its first and only JB outlet at Komtar JBCC, I was really excited to go try. No need to travel so far for tasty boat noodles. I can just eat it whenever I go JB, woohoo!

Boat Noodle Komtar JBCC

And this was it – located on the 3rd floor of Komtar JBCC which is next to City Square Mall and opposite the CIQ Complex.

The Original Boat Noodle
Lot 307, Third Floor
Komtar JBCC, Johor Bahru City Centre
80000 Johor Bahru, Johor
Tel: +60 11-2870 0344
Website: http://boatnoodle.com.my/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/myboatnoodle/
Opening hours: 10.00am to 10.00pm daily

Boat Noodle Komtar JBCC | Menu

Straightforward menu. Two kinds of noodles. Two kinds of broth. Two kinds of meat. I suggest you try every combination and see which one you like best.

Boat Noodle Komtar JBCC

New items. Didn’t see these when I visited their outlet at Avenue K last time.

Boat Noodle Komtar JBCC

When I tried their Thai Iced Tea in KL, I thought it was as good as Cha Tra Mue in Bangkok. Boat Noodle probably used the same brand of Ceylon tea and perhaps a similar recipe too.

Anyway, I ordered the Cha Keow Yen or Thai Iced Green Tea (RM6.90) and Hubby had the Kaffe Yen or Thai Iced Coffee (RM6.90). The latter was like a normal iced coffee but the green tea was outstanding – rich and milky but could still taste the intense aroma of tea. Just remember to request for ‘less sweet’, otherwise it would be too saccharine.

Boat Noodle Komtar JBCC

We ordered 4 bowls of boat noodles each – rice noodles in Ayutthaya and Pathumtani broths with chicken and beef.

Interestingly, I actually liked the Ayutthaya broth this time because it didn’t leave behind a bitter aftertaste like last time. The broth texture was quite thick and concentrated which reminded me of satay beehoon. Also, it wasn’t as tangy as before. Maybe because different cooks, different standards?

Boat Noodle Komtar JBCC

The Ka Num Tuay (RM1 for a set of 2) was a must-order for me. Sweet & salty steamed coconut milk pudding – yummy.

Boat Noodle Komtar JBCC

The Thai Popeye’s Tempura (RM6.90) was a new dish to try. Absolutely moreish and so, so addictive. Water spinach was deep-fried to a perfect crisp and didn’t feel greasy at all. The accompanying dipping sauce had bits of chicken in it and chilli padi too – very spicy (burning hot in fact) but so delicious and shiok to eat. You really have to order this!

Tummies satisfied. ?? ? *burp*

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