Buns, Buns, and More Buns: A Review of Bu Yi Yang Mantou

While we were strolling down the Luchuan (Green River) towards Painted Animation Lane, we came across Bu Yi Yang Mantou (不一樣饅頭), which had a long line of customers, mostly locals. I read that this shop had been handed down from the original Shandong master chefs, over 50 years ago. The current proprietor is the third generation.

Bu Yi Yang Mantou

At Bu Yi Yang Man Tou, they specialise in a variety of filled buns (餡餅), steamed buns (包子), mantou (饅頭), and shao bing (燒餅). Their menu boasts a range of options including baked sesame buns, baked peanut buns, Shandong flatbread, steamed flower rolls, steamed meat buns, brown sugar mantou, fresh milk mantou, and many more. All of their offerings are prepared fresh daily in the shop without any preservatives.

Bu Yi Yang Mantou

The prices of the buns are quite affordable, with the cost previously being only NT$10 per piece. However, due to increasing expenses, the price has gone up to NT$13-20, which is still considered inexpensive. As a result, many customers purchase buns in bulk, such as 10-20 pieces at once.

With so many options available, I found it challenging to make a decision. Ultimately, I settled on the following two items.

Bu Yi Yang Mantou

Loved the old-fashioned packaging, haha!

Baked Taro Bun 芋泥餅

I tried the Baked Taro Bun, which appeared to be a typical taro bread bun. However, it had a denser and chewier crust than I anticipated. The taro filling was smooth and aromatic, with just the right amount of sweetness. If you enjoy anything with orh nee (yam paste), you’ll likely appreciate this bun.

Baked Pumpkin Bun 地瓜餅

The Baked Pumpkin Bun was reminiscent of an English scone but in Shandong style. It had a slightly crispy exterior and a dense interior. If eaten on its own, it may feel quite dry and difficult to swallow, so I recommend pairing it with a drink such as soy milk. Alternatively, it would be best to enjoy it with toppings like jam, kaya, or peanut butter.

Final thoughts

Bu Yi Yang Mantou is a unique Shandong bun shop, offering an impressive range of flavours that I haven’t seen before. The taste is undeniably nostalgic and classic, which is perhaps the primary attraction of this establishment. Additionally, the prices are remarkably reasonable and affordable. This may be why so many locals choose to purchase their breakfast and tea break items from this shop.

Bu Yi Yang Mantou 不一樣饅頭
No. 87, Minsheng Rd
West Dist., Taichung City 403
9.00am to 8.00pm Mon-Fri
9.00am to 7.00pm Sat
Closed on Sundays

+886 4 2225 8785

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