Butter Bean Singapore – BBrulee Kopi Latte, anyone?

Curry On Sunshine. Braise Me Up. Say Cheese. BFF. You’re probably wondering what they are though some of the words may have already given away clues. They are actually names of dishes on the menu of Butter Bean Singapore – curry chicken rice, braised chicken rice, cheese toast and fish fillet sandwich.

Welcome to #TheBBrightSide! Butter Bean by the BreadTalk Group is a modern and trendy version of the Singaporean Nanyang Kopi experience that aims to draw the younger crowd. Think fancy toasts with half-boiled eggs, recreated local delights and fusion kopi/teh in a halal-certified cafe with cheery vibes and catchy food names.

Butter Bean Singapore

Butter Bean currently has three outlets in Singapore, which are located at:

  • Funan #01-01
  • VivoCity #01-207
  • Seletar Mall #01-08

We visited the outlet at Seletar Mall, which only opened a few months back.

Butter Bean Singapore

Cafe interior

For the full menu, please refer to their website here.

Butter Bean Singapore Menu

They have a fuss-free ordering system here. We can order directly at the counter.

Butter Bean Singapore Menu

Or we can take a seat and scan the QR code on the table for the menu. Order, make payment and collect from the counter once ready.

Butter Bean Singapore

BBrulee Kopi Latte $3.50 + BBrulee Teh Latte $3.50

Ordered the BBrulee series of coffee and tea – without sugar. Before taking a sip, it would be best to mix everything up, otherwise it would taste a little underwhelming. The mixed concoction was really smooth and creamy. Both the coffee and tea were not acidic at all. I liked the coffee better as it was more ‘gau’ than the tea. The coffee fragrance really stood out.

Butter Bean Singapore

B.F.F – Battered Fish Fillet Sandwich $7.70

Loved how the sandwich looked with the sauce overflowing on top. For every sandwich, you can pick a sauce from 4 choices: black pepper, sesame, Thousand Island and curry. We went with Thousand Island, which really complemented the fried fish fillet and gave it an extra piquant flavour.

Besides the battered fish between the nicely toasted bread slices, there were also sliced cheese, lettuce and a deliciously fluffy omelette. Highly recommend this sandwich!

Butter Bean Singapore

Braise Me Up $9.70

Portion size for this was a bit small. Good for petite eaters but probably not enough for the bigger appetite. The braising sauce was thick and sticky. Very savoury and flavoursome but not overly salty. Chicken was tender too. There were also pieces of tau pok, 1 thick slice of oyster mushroom and a beautifully cooked sunny side up. That chill sauce on the side was fantastic too – really gave the dish some extra kick.

Final thoughts

Thumbs up to Butter Bean for using less plastic and more eco-friendly alternatives.

All in all, food was good and nicely presented. Prices were wallet-friendly too. Can’t wait to be back to try the other items on the menu!

Butter Bean
33 Sengkang West Ave
#01-07/08 The Seletar Mall
Singapore 797653
7.30am to 9.00pm daily

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