Cafe 2000 @ M Hotel | Meat The Seafood Buffet Dinner

Carnivores and pescatarians rejoice!?Can’t decide between a meat or seafood loaded buffet? Well, you can enjoy the best of both worlds with this Meat The Seafood Buffet at Cafe 2000 of M Hotel Singapore!

This meat & seafood buffet dinner (includes coffee/tea) is only available from Wednesday to Sunday.

Buffet prices are as follows:

Wed, Thu & Sun, 6pm to 10pm
Adult $62++ | Child (6-11 years old) $31++

Fri & Sat, 6pm to 10pm
Adult $72++ | Child (6-11 years old) $36++

Check out the menu here.

Cafe 2000 @ M Hotel | Meat The Seafood Buffet Dinner

Convenient location – walking distance from MRT

If you’re making your way there by train, alight at Tanjong Pagar MRT Station and walk towards Exit D. Once you come out of the exit, just walk straight ahead for another 5 minutes or so and you’d see Cafe 2000. In fact, as you’re approaching the restaurant, you could already be drawn by the smell of the alfresco BBQ outside the restaurant’s side entrance. Hmmm.

Cafe 2000 @ M Hotel | Meat The Seafood Buffet Dinner

Make your reservation with the Eatigo app to enjoy 30% off

We made our reservation via the Eatigo app to enjoy a 30% off discount, which worked out to be about $59.91 per pax after taxes. That also included a wet towel charge of $0.50 per pax. The service crew had informed us that the wet towels (Zappy brand wipes) would be chargeable but that was optional so if you don’t want to use the wipes, just inform them to remove from the table and tab.

Four of us were here on a Friday night and the restaurant was just packed with people. The seating area within the restaurant premises wasn’t large so they had set up these extra tables and chairs outside the restaurant, near the entrance of the hotel.

Cafe 2000 @ M Hotel | Meat The Seafood Buffet Dinner

No self-service buffet yet

Not sure if Cafe 2000 would allow self-service buffet anytime soon. We were there on the first day whereby self-service buffets had already resumed but we were still presented with these order chits. Had to write down our table number, picked what we wanted and indicate the respective quantities. Staff would then serve the food to our table.

Cafe 2000 @ M Hotel | Meat The Seafood Buffet Dinner

Complimentary starter

For every table, there would be a one-time serving of US Dungeness Crab (one crab, halved for 4 of us to share), Baked US Rock Oyster with Cheese (3 pieces per person) and ½ Poached Boston Lobster per person (Fri & Sat only).

Feast on seafood

What a glorious sight when this was brought to our table – a hill of seafood on a bed of ice! On the bottom, there were also poached tiger prawns, Canadian black mussels, Chilean sea scallops and Pacific white clams – all of which were refillable if you want more.

Enjoyed the lobster meat that was firm and meaty. Loved the crab too as it was very meaty and sweet although it was quite briny/salty too. Prawns were fresh and crunchy.?

Cafe 2000 @ M Hotel | Meat The Seafood Buffet Dinner

We unanimously thought the cheese-baked oysters were the best. Perhaps because we are all cheese lovers, lol. Three pieces of oysters each were perfect as it could get quite sickly if we had more as these were so creamy and rich in taste.

Cafe 2000 @ M Hotel | Meat The Seafood Buffet Dinner

Fire Grill and Traditional Roast

The hubby was so into his meats that he polished off one plate on his own and we had to get a second serving to share, lol. Two types of sausages. NZ lamb. Roasted NZ prime rib of beef. Crispy pork knuckle. Meatloaf. Mashed potato and some vegetables.

For me, the crispy pork knuckle was the star. Meat was really moist and juicy. And surprisingly, the meatloaf was delicious too. It really reminded me of luncheon meat except that it was handmade and not from a can, lol.

The beef and lamb were a little overdone and lacked seasoning too so they tasted quite bland.

Cafe 2000 @ M Hotel | Meat The Seafood Buffet Dinner

Alfresco Seafood BBQ

When this wooden platter came, we were wowed. And I would say this was what I would come back for again. Fish otah, sea scallops, slipper lobsters, jumbo red leg prawns and salmon fillets – all barbecued to perfection. I liked that they were cooked au naturel so we could taste the original flavours of the seafood. And if you like a bit of a kick, you’d have to ask for a bigger serving of their belachan dipping sauce. OMG, BBQ seafood and belachan – simply heavenly. Ooh, and they had cincalok too!

If only they could replace the salmon with stingray, lol. What is a BBQ without sambal stingray?!?

Other dishes

A variety of Local, Asian and Western dishes

A quick look at some other dishes we had. Chilli mud crabs served with fried mantou. Chicken satay. Thai style green papaya salad. Laksa – the gravy was so ‘lemak’.

Wasn’t impressed with the first batch of chilli crabs we had as the meat stuck to the shells. But the second batch we had was good – more fresh and meaty.

There were also other dishes like salads, soups, pizzas, pastas, pork and chicken dishes which we didn’t try.


Ending on a sweet note

None of the dessert items really stood out for me but it was worth trying the Signature Durian Cream Puff, Double Chocolate and Thai Milk Tea ice cream and Chocolate Fountain (not overly sweet) with fruits. The cakes were served in small squares which was good so we could get a bit of everything to try.

Cafe 2000 @ M Hotel | Meat The Seafood Buffet Dinner

I did like the Chocolate Lava Cake too even though it wasn’t ‘lava’ at all, lol. This tasted more like a chocolate brownie – very chocolatey and indulging – perfect for chocolate lovers definitely. I had the cake with chocolate ice cream – that combination of hot and cold was a real delight!

Our overall experience

All in all, we had a pleasant time at Cafe 2000 and really enjoyed our meal there. Didn’t take long for dishes to be served up though we had some missing items from our orders like sambal squids (they missed this out even though we ordered twice) and chocolate pralines. Service staff were friendly and efficient. Quick to clear dishes and replace our plates.

Despite the restaurant being full house on a Saturday night, there were ample manpower and staff to ensure guests were well taken care of.

This restaurant is perfect for large gatherings. Buffet prices are reasonable and value-for-money. Will surely come back again if I crave for BBQ seafood.?

Cafe 2000 @ M Hotel Singapore
M Hotel Singapore
81 Anson Road
Singapore 079908
12.00pm to 2.30pm, 6.00pm to 10.00pm daily

+65 65006112

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