Chicken with Mushrooms and Cabbage Recipe

With leftover mushrooms, cabbage and yogurt in the fridge, I managed to churn out a new chicken recipe for lunch which really gave me the much needed protein after my gym workout. Tender mushrooms, crunchy cabbage and yogurty sauce that were sweet, sour and savoury that really lifted the plain and flat chicken breast meat. Enjoy this recipe!

Chicken with Mushrooms & Cabbage Recipe

Chicken with Mushrooms & Cabbage

Ingredients (serves 1)

1 chicken breast fillet, skin removed
75g fresh button mushrooms, sliced
handful of sliced cabbage
2 heaped tbsp non-fat yogurt
1/2 tbsp corn flour
2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
3 tbsp water
salt & freshly cracked black pepper
sauteed french beans as side

1. Heat a little vegetable oil in pan and pan-fry chicken breast till both sides are golden brown. Remove and plate up.
2. In the same pan, saute garlic till fragrant. Add mushrooms and cabbage and stir fry briefly. Season with salt and pepper.
3. Add water and continue cooking the mushrooms and cabbage till tender.
4. Combine corn flour with yogurt. Turn off heat.
5. Add yogurt mixture into pan and stir thoroughly. Adjust seasoning if need be.
6. Ladle sauce over the chicken breast and serve with sauteed french beans.

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