Chinatown Chinese New Year 2014 Festive Street Bazaar

I always frequent Chinatown for its good food but the only time when I feel Chinatown truly comes alive is during the pre-Chinese New Year period. Normally, I try to avoid crowded places but over the weekend, my husband and I decided to venture to Chinatown to bask in the festive mood and revel in the merrymaking (besides squeezing our way through countless number of people which was the least fun part). Anyway, it was the husband’s first time in Singapore’s Chinatown during the festive season so I took the chance to give him a little tour at the same time.

We were really enthralled by what the festive bazaar had to offer and I was just amazed by the people who could buy just about anything for CNY. The queue at Lim Chee Guan was long enough to form a human millipede. CNY decorations and goodies were just flying off the shelves and more.

I shall let the pictures do the talking…

IMGP0451 (2)

Took this shot when I was at the overhead bridge at People’s Park Complex

IMGP0452 (2)

Coming down the staircase…

IMGP0455 (2)

Name painting stall

IMGP0458 (2)

A guy was selling these really cute balloons…I couldn’t resist taking a picture of my fave Winnie the Pooh!

IMGP0460 (2)

Walking into the festive bazaar

IMGP0465 (2)

The street is just lined up with shops like this, selling all CNY decorations

IMGP0466 (2)

IMGP0471 (2)

Fortune cats – so cute!

IMGP0468 (2)IMGP0469 (2)

IMGP0473 (2)

The range of CNY decorations is just incredible!

IMGP0476 (2)

The Sri Mariamman Temple wishes all a Happy Lunar New Year

IMGP0478 (2)

South Bridge Road

IMGP0480 (2)

Assorted jellies and mochi from Taiwan

IMGP0481 (2)

IMGP0484 (2)

Lucky Bamboo

IMGP0485 (2)

IMGP0487 (2)

Pussy willow in different colours and more lucky bamboo

IMGP0491 (2)

Goodies galore!

IMGP0492 (2)

Pumpkin seeds, melon seeds…

IMGP0496 (2)

IMGP0501 (2)

A stall selling all types of waxed meats

IMGP0502 (2)

Waxed duck legs

IMGP0503 (2)

IMGP0505 (2)

Waxed pig legs – huge!

IMGP0507 (2)

Gold coins dangling in the air with running horses to mark the coming Horse Year with fortune

IMGP0511 (2)

The festive bazaar will be on till CNY Eve this Thursday. There will be a countdown party with fireworks display on the same night too so if you’re thinking of going somewhere after your reunion dinner, head to Chinatown if you don’t mind the crowd! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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