Chinese New Year Catering Singapore 2019 – Eat, Drink & Huat Ah!

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First of all, I just want to wish all of you a very Happy 2019! I just can’t believe how time passes in a flash. The Christmas and New Year festivities only seemed like moments ago. And here we are into a brand new year and getting ready for the next big thing. Yep, we are talking about Chinese New Year that falls on 5 February this year. That means, more feasting is coming our way! 😉

Chinese New Year is going to be special this year as my in-laws from UK will be coming to Singapore to celebrate with us. Cooking up a storm in the kitchen for a big group of people can be a really stressful affair based on my past experiences. And the washing up that needs to be done following the meal isn’t much fun either.

Bringing The Restaurant To Your Home

We can of course plan for an outside meal in a restaurant but it just doesn’t beat the comfort of being at home. Hence it just makes sense to opt for Chinese New Year catering so we can bring the restaurant into our home instead.

If you’ve never tried catering for Chinese New Year, it is something you can really consider now. In terms of pricing, it is not much of a big difference compared to eating out or buying ingredients to cook at home because food prices get marked up during the festive season anyway.

Top Caterers in Singapore

In this article, I will be sharing a list of the top 10 caterers based on their popularity on FoodLine.sg, the largest catering portal in Singapore. This list is determined by the ratings provided by past and existing customers – real people with firsthand catering experiences who have shared genuine reviews and feedback on the website. I will also mention some of their respective CNY menus so you can have a better idea of the available offerings and their price ranges. Hope this list comes in handy to help you select a caterer that can satisfy your reunion dinner needs. If you need more resources on Chinese New Year catering, check out https://www.foodline.sg/chinese-new-year-catering/

The list below is sorted in ascending order (i.e. 1 being the most popular of all) while taking into consideration the capacity of the caterers to fulfil orders for Chinese New Year. All prices below (including delivery fees) are before GST unless otherwise stated.

Image source: Stamford Catering (via FoodLine.sg)

10. International Catering Pte Ltd

Tantalise your taste buds with decadent seafood dishes from International Catering like Salted Egg Cray Fish, Toasted Butter Cray Fish, Cream Butter Prawns and more. Their buffets are priced from $11.80 – $36.80 per pax. If you have a dining party of 10 persons, opt for their Prosperity or Fortune Set that includes the Festive Claypot, Superior Shark’s Fin with Crab Meat, Thai Style Mango Fish Fillet and/or Fermented Roast Chicken.

Delivery for Chinese New Year: $35.

To order or to find out more: https://www.foodline.sg/catering/International-Catering-Pte-Ltd/

Image source: East West Fusion (via FoodLine.sg)

9. On & On Diners

For Chinese New Year, On & On Diners has come up with 2 mini buffets and 1 standard buffet that are priced from $19.90 to $23.90 per pax. Expect to find non-conventional dishes like Seafood Beancurd Roll in Chilli Crab Sauce served with Golden Mantous or Typhoon Shelter Prawns and all-time classics like Australian Broccoli with Baby 12 Head Abalone, 8 Treasures Cheng Teng or Homemade Orh Nee with Gingko Nuts.

Delivery for Chinese New Year: $35. Enjoy free delivery if you place order by 9 January.

To order or to find out more: https://www.foodline.sg/catering/On-N-On-Diners/

Image source: Xin Yi Pin (via FoodLine.sg)

8. East West Fusion

East West Fusion is offering mini buffet sets for 7-10 pax that are priced at $228.80 (early bird promotion if you order before 15 January and for self-collection only) or $248.80. Pick up your food and head outdoors for your reunion dinner. Think picnic-style by the beach with a breathtaking sunset view while tossing a Smoked Salmon or King Top Shell Fa Cai Yu Sheng and indulging in delightful nosh like Salted Egg Chicken, Crispy Cereal Fish and/or Yam Paste.

Delivery for Chinese New Year: $30. There is no GST for this caterer. Value for money choice!

To order or to find out more: https://www.foodline.sg/catering/East-West-Fusion/

Image source: Stamford Catering (via FoodLine.sg)

7. Yeh Lai Siang Catering Service

Yeh Lai Siang Catering Service is one of few caterers that offers a Prosperity Vegetarian Delight Buffet this Chinese New Year. Perfect for those who don’t consume meat on the first day of CNY. Their vegetarian menu includes dishes like Signature Bun with Braised Meat, Sze Chuan Mala Fish Fillet, Gui Hua Noodles, Oatmeal Honey Prawns and Golden Goose. Their standard buffets ($15.80 – $38.80 per pax) are just as satisfying too as they have mouthwatering options like Fish Maw Treasure Pot, Hainanese Salt Baked Chicken, Homemade Wrapped Lotus Leaf Rice, etc.

Delivery for Chinese New Year: $50

To order or to find out more: https://www.foodline.sg/catering/Yeh-Lai-Siang-Catering-Service/

Image source: Xin Yi Pin (via FoodLine.sg)

6. Ecreative Catering

Fancy Chicken Floss with Mayo Soft Shell Crab, Lucky Otak Pocket Pau, Broccoli with Pacific Clams and Shanghai Seafood Gyoza? Take your pick from Ecreative Catering’s buffet menus that are priced from $16.80 to $26.80. They also offer a Joyous Reunion Set ($268) of 8 fixed items which include Smoked Duck Breast and Spring Rolls, Oriental Fried Rice with Seafood, Lemon Fish and Homemade Mango Pudding.

Delivery for Chinese New Year: $40 (waived for 60 pax & above)

To order or to find out more: https://www.foodline.sg/catering/ECreative-Catering/

Image source: Yeh Lai Siang Catering Service (via FoodLine.sg)

5. Stamford Catering

Stamford Catering has composed the most fanciful and auspicious names for their buffet (from $16.80 – $28.80 per pax) dishes such as 聚宝金盆 挪威鲑鱼大丰收鱼生, 代代平安 盆菜一品锅, 福如东海 沙茶白松菇干烧伊符面 and 龙飞凤舞 八珍蟲草苗团圆甜湯. Sure to bring a smile to the older folks! They also have an ala carte menu so you can order add-ons to complement other dishes that you may already be preparing such as the Luxurious Crispy Salted Egg Fish Skin Treasure Platter “Yu Sheng” ($33.80), Abundant Fortune Imperial Treasure “Pun Choy” ($138.80) and “Koi Fish” Prosperity New Year’s Cake with Osmanthus ($28.80).

Delivery for Chinese New Year: $30

To order or to find out more: https://www.foodline.sg/catering/Stamford-Catering/

Image source: Stamford Catering (via FoodLine.sg)

4. Mei Hao 99 Catering

Mei Hao 99 Catering’s mini and standard buffets (from $14.88 – $27.88 per pax) offer delectable Oriental and Asian cuisine such as Thai Style Nonya Prawns, Teriyaki Pork Chop, Fortune Chicken, Braised Duck with Sea Cucumber & Mushroom and more. This is one of my all-time favourite caterers who has always met my expectations in terms of food taste, portion size, service and punctuality. Most importantly, I think it is also one of the most value-for-money caterers who does not compromise on quality and quantity.

Delivery for Chinese New Year: $48

To order or to find out more: https://www.foodline.sg/catering/Mei-Hao-99-Catering/

Image source: Xin Yi Pin (via FoodLine.sg)

3. 338 Catering

338 Catering offers three straightforward mini buffets that are priced from $14.88 to $20.88 per pax with an option to add on a Salmon Fa Cai Yu Sheng for $38.80 per platter. Some of their most popular items include Oat Battered Prawns, 338 Curry Chicken, Baked Cream Big Prawns, XO Sauce Pork Chop, Golden Money Bags and more.

Delivery for Chinese New Year: $28

To order or to find out more: https://www.foodline.sg/catering/338-Catering/

Image source: BellyGood Caterer (via FoodLine.sg)

2. Makan Mate

If you’re vegan, don’t fret as Makan Mate has a Forever Green Delight (Vegan) Buffet ($18.80 per pax) that includes dishes like Abundant Wealth “Yu Sheng”, Golden Crispy Gyoza, Assorted Vegetables With Yam Ball & Nuts and Golden Cereal Beancurd. And for our non-vegan friends, you can take your pick from their various regular buffet ($19.80 – $28.80 per pax) menus that include lip-smacking dishes like Grilled Oriental Emperor Chicken, Steamed Scallop with Vermicelli in Premium Sauce, Golden Ocean Fish Fillet with Peach Salsa, Scrumptious Fried Rice with Turkey Ham and more.

Delivery for Chinese New Year: $60

To order or to find out more: https://www.foodline.sg/catering/Makan-Mate/

Image source: On & On Diners (via FoodLine.sg)

1. Curry Pot

At the number 1 spot, we have Curry Pot which is the top favourite caterer for many. Their 10-course Happiness Buffet Menu @ $18.88/pax includes dishes like Braised Treasure Ee Fu Noodle with Wild Mushroom and Steamed Chicken with Ginseng & Red Dates and their 11-course Good Fortune Buffet Menu @ $33.88/pax comes with Prosperity Treasure Lo Hei, Imperial Squid Roll with Milky Egg Sauce and more. Alternatively, go for their Fortune Delight Party Set $238.00 that is ideal for a dining party of 10-12pax.

Delivery for Chinese New Year: $50

To order or to find out more: https://www.foodline.sg/catering/Curry-Pot/

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