CHIPPY British Take Away

I love British street food. I have tasted good fish & chips while in the UK esp. the fresh cod ones. Not sure why this outlet is labelled as a British Take Away though I don’t recall seeing such greasy deep fried snacks around when I was there. Even my Brit husband said this was not anywhere close to the fish & chips back at home. So what’s so special about this then?
Beer Battered Fish ($4.80)
We got 10 bite-size pieces of fish and a bunch of fries. Portion was quite filling for the price we paid. I found the batter a little thick and too little of fish meat in each morsel. Even though it’s supposed to be beer battered, I couldn’t taste any difference in the batter.
Curry Chicken ($4.20)
This came in a bagful and served with cheese sauce. Quite addictive to dip them in the sauce. There’s some light curry/spice powder sprinkled on the fried chicken to give an extra kick. Makes a good street snack but again too much batter used. You can see a lot of loose fried flour batter pieces. Reminded me of the same ones at Long John Silvers.

Be warn that these are very greasy and oily. Your orders are made (deep fried) on the spot and oil simply oozes out with every bite. I think it’s fine as a one-a-while indulgence but definitely too unhealthy to consume on a regular basis.

CHIPPY British Take Away
252 North Bridge Road
B1-58, Raffles City Shopping Centre
Opens: 12.00pm to 9.30pm daily

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