The Ultimate Guide to the Best Christmas Holiday in Singapore

No matter what part of Singapore you find yourself in this December, whether you arrive there by train, plane, or your personal jet, one thing that will remain a steadfast and solid tradition and popular holiday on the island is the celebration of Christmas. As millions around the world gather to feast and celebrate, you can rest assured that you’ll be right in the middle of all the festivities with this ultimate guide to the best Christmas holiday in Singapore. Let’s jump in!

You need a countdown!

Christmas is just not Christmas without the build-up. Ask your kids! A good old-fashioned advent calendar filled with delectable chocolates will get the atmosphere and mood of your home feeling well and truly festive and full of excitement and anticipation. There are even newer ways to build up Christmas these days – just go online and have a look!

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Christmas Holiday in Singapore

A Christmas tree is a must

This Christmas will most probably not be like any other one you’ve ever had, so you’ll need to make every effort to achieve the Christmas feeling and mood while you’re celebrating in Singapore, especially if you have little ones! You want to make it one they’ll never forget, and what better way than to get your hands on a beautiful Christmas tree and some decorations that scream holidays?!

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Christmas Holiday in Singapore

Get in the yuletide spirit through Christmas festivities

With the end of the year just around the corner, you’re probably ticking off the days to December 25th with a lot of anticipation and excitement. One of the best ways to get into the swing of the Christmas festivities is by going to a few charming Christmas markets and fetes.

Christmas lights are also a dazzling sight in Singapore, as well as some Christmas events and parties that will definitely be taking place all over. There’s always something to get you into the spirit of Christmas!

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Christmas Holiday in Singapore

Meal prep is vital!

Figuring out what you’re going to do for your Christmas meal is right up there with some of the most important things to decide sooner rather than later. If you’re planning a grown-up Christmas party with friends and family in Singapore, you’ll need all the takeaway help you can get. Food delivery can help here! Whether it’s a small get-together or a full-blown party, you can get hampers of ham, roast beef, and turkey all delivered to your door, plus dessert!

If that’s not your style and you’d prefer to prepare your own meal in the traditional way, there are plenty of first-class butchers and food merchants available in Singapore to cater for your Christmas meal needs. Just make sure to get all the ingredients you need well in advance!

If those two options are not for you, you can always go out and enjoy a fine-dining Christmas meal at one of the many brilliant restaurants in Singapore. There are festive-themed menus available to go along with a fun and fantastic dining experience for the whole family. The best part is that you won’t need to worry about cleaning anything up afterwards!

Gifts, gifts, gifts!

You can’t do Christmas without gifts. It’s as simple as that! Do some gift prep, and research where you can find the best holiday deals and discounts as you try and satisfy each family member’s gift needs. Keep the wrapping on the theme and make it a fun and interactive process with your partner or your children. There are plenty of great ideas out there to help avoid a boring, giftless Christmas.

The season of giving

At the heart of all these festivities behind Christmas is a simple message of giving back to the community. Christmas in Singapore is really about the spirit of giving, so if you’d like to do something different this year and help out the local community in Singapore, why don’t you have a look at what volunteering opportunities are available and where you could possibly lend a hand for a good cause?

Those taking the last few weeks of the year to declutter and reset can also check out local charities in Singapore to donate pre-loved clothes and household goods that they may not need anymore. This is more for those that actually live in Singapore, but it still applies to the holiday-makers too!


Christmas can be a crazy time, as well as stressful and busy! Amongst all the chaos and craziness, however, is an opportunity to connect with your loved ones and make them feel special and cared for. It’s a chance to show them what they mean to you in a fun and entertaining way, all the while sharing a meal and having great conversations, hopefully helping to make your Christmas in Singapore the best one yet!

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