Christmas is here early!

I was busy in the kitchen preparing dinner earlier when the postman came knocking on the door. I was a little puzzled as I knew I hadn’t ordered any goods recently so when I was handed a big, heavy package, I was really excited to know what it was.

A surprise package filled with lovely goodies from dear Chitra! No words could describe my gratitude and happiness upon receiving this because I haven’t met Chitra in person (she is a regular customer of my eBay store since 2010), yet she has done something so special for me. Her kind gesture and support truly moved me.


Every item in this package is specially hand-picked by Chitra as they each hold a certain significance. As I unwrapped each and every gift bag within the package, I’m just amazed (and impressed) at how thoughtful she is. For example, she gave me Maltesers just because I mentioned I love them in my recent Swensen’s food post. Also, she knows I’m into baking, that’s why she got me a baking recipe book by Marian Keyes. And how about the tagline of ‘Stop Worrying and Start Living!” on the cover of Oprah’s magazine sounds? And also the self-help book of “A Letter to My Sixteen-Year-Old Self”. All these are simply gifts of strength that meant to inspire. Not forgetting the lovely stuffs from Australia too which is her favourite country to travel to. She always remembers me during her overseas trips.


Chitra, thank you for the support, the thoughtfulness, the kindness, the generosity and the friendship. Always 🙂

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