Chulia Street Night Market | Penang

After having nasi kandar at Hameediyah Restaurant, we went jalan jalan in the vicinity. Walked to Lebuh Carnarvon where we spotted street hawkers setting up pushcarts, tables and chairs on both sides of the road. This was Chulia Street Night Market, another popular food street in George Town.

These street hawkers used to do business along Chulia Street but were relocated to Carnarvon Street due to heavy traffic conditions at the original site which posted a danger.

Chulia Street Night Market | Penang

Chulia Street Night Market – Operating Hours

Chulia Street Night Market operates from 6pm to 12 midnight on Tuesdays to Sundays. It is closed on Mondays.

Not as busy as Kimberley Street Night Market

It’s a similar night market like Kimberley Street Night Market. However, this one seemed to be less bustling as there weren’t as many stalls and food choices as expected. Or maybe we were just here at the wrong time?

Definitely more locals than tourists here. Most of them came here for the famous wanton mee. The satay, curry mee and oyster omelette were also popular dishes to get.

Chulia Street Night Market | Penang

We weren’t looking for a full meal here as we planned to head to New Lane Hawker Centre later for supper. So decided to grab a quick bite just for fun.

Saw this lok lok stall where we could pick the skewers we wanted and cook them in the pots of boiling water at the front.

Chulia Street Night Market | Penang

Tried the satay sauce but it wasn’t very fragrant. Very nutty tasting but not much spices in it.

The sticks we got were not bad though. We liked the ham-wrapped enoki, braised pork belly, and Viennese sausage.

This auntie was so good and fast at making apom, lol. Had fun watching her as she had this systematic rhythm in putting on and lifting off the mini wok lid.

Each apom was priced at RM0.60 per piece.

Really loved this apom. Very fresh, light and crispy. Reminded me of those CNY love letters. Must try!

Chulia Street Night Market
Lebuh Carnarvon (off Lebuh Chulia)
10100 George Town, Penang
6.00pm to 12.00am Tue-Sun
Closed on Mondays

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