Chun Cui He 純萃喝 – Sipping milk tea in fancy bottles

The hype has obviously died down. It’s so easy to find Latte and the latest flavour, Green Milk Tea, in most 7-11 stores now and they are even selling at a promotional price of S$4.90 for 2 bottles (U.P. S$2.80/bottle).

Chun Cui He

I jumped on the Chun Cui He bandwagon months ago because everyone else was making the drink so ‘limited-edition’ that it was almost impossible to grab a bottle at any 7-11 store. Thereafter it became my habit to pop into every 7-11 store that I came across just to see if I would strike the lottery that day, lol.

I finally got to try the Milk Tea and Black Mix Oolong (not available in Singapore) when the husband’s colleague bought some back from Taiwan. Totally loved that oolong milk tea because it had an intensely aromatic tea flavour unlike the original milk tea that had a stronger flavour of milk than tea itself. Despite that, the latter was still pretty enjoyable especially if you like the milk tea concoctions from those Taiwanese bubble tea brands.

These teas are definitely overpriced in Singapore, considering they are 50+% cheaper in Taiwan. But I guess it’s the novelty of drinking tea from pretty shampoo-style bottles which I’ve collected as my photography props.

Chun Cui He

Milk Tea was recalled and taken off the shelves after it was found to contain an unapproved additive, L-theanine. Latte remained which wasn’t too bad a choice. It was smooth and somewhat silky and had a nice aroma of coffee though I would still prefer a stronger brew from CBTL or Starbucks.

Chun Cui He

And this was the latest flavour that was launched just end of last month. The colour of the Green Milk Tea wasn’t of a fresh matcha green but it had the lovely fragrance of matcha powder that really stood out. This was probably my second favourite after the oolong one.

Wouldn’t say Chun Cui He is out of this world but if you haven’t tried all of the flavours yet, it’s probably still worth trying them at least once. Even better if you want to collect the bottles, haha.

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