Creative Guestbook Idea for Wedding – Vintage Chalkboard


Looks familiar? Yes, it is the same picture as the background of this blog which was taken at my wedding reception. Being the practical me, I never fancy conventional guestbooks on which guests will pen their messages in ink. Not only taking up space, we all know paper material will age and grow yellow over time and isn’t a very tree-loving object so it was a clear no-no for me.

I happened to see this vintage-looking chalkboard when I headed to my florist to discuss about my bridal bouquet and thought it’d be a great idea to have our guests write or draw on it and then the photographer could just take photos of us.


My friend signing off


My cousin and his message to us

I think the chalkboard idea worked perfectly for us because we had a vintage style wedding at a colonial house so it sure did add an additional vintage charm.

Talking about wedding, I can’t believe my husband and I have been officially married for one and a half years. And we still always ask each other jokingly why we aren’t divorced yet. Reason: It costs S$26 to get married here in Singapore but costs S$3,000 to divorce. How ironic.

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