Dochi Dochi – Absolutely Delicious QQ Mochi Donuts!

Headed to Joo Chiat as I wanted to check out a hidden gem & hole-in-the-wall cafe, Kohi Roastery & Coffee Bar. As I was walking along Joo Chiat Road, a cute little bun-like fellow caught my attention. Went forward to take a closer look and realised it was a snack shop that specialised in mochi donuts. I guess that’s why the name is Dochi Dochi – a hybrid between donut and mochi.?

Dochi Dochi @ Joo Chiat Road

So cute! ? That was exactly what I said when I spotted the shop sign, lol.

Joo Chiat always reminds me of Penang as you can easily spot street art murals in the neighbourhood. This is just outside Dochi Dochi.

When we entered the shop, we were asked if we wanted to try some samples. Was pleasantly surprised by the nice gesture as we hadn’t even looked at the menu or expressed interest to order anything.

Mochi Donuts Menu

Dochi Dochi menu

Their mochi donuts come in both sweet and savoury flavours. Was told that the best-selling flavour was Parmesan Garlic Butter.

Drinks Menu

Dochi Dochi menu

Not bad selection of beverages too. Can just come here for a little afternoon tea break.

Spotted this new flavour – Truffle Mushroom. How could we miss trying it?

Dochi Dochi @ Joo Chiat Road

We ordered an Assorted Sweet Box, a specially-customised savoury mix and two drinks.

They have a small, cosy seating area inside. Good for twos, not for groups.

Dochi Dochi @ Joo Chiat Road

Dochi Dochi @ Joo Chiat Road

Just so you know how they started the business.

Mochi Donut Samples

These were the samples we got – one sweet and one savoury. The Parmesan Garlic Butter was absolutely delicious! It is exactly the kind of taste I like for my garlic bread except this is in the form of a slightly chewy donut. Buttery. Garlicky. Cheesy.

I bet the donut itself tasted good on its own too. The texture was quite similar to Taiwanese style sweet potato balls. QQ texture, light and not greasy though fried. Completely different from the regular donuts (like Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Donuts or J.Co) that are either cakey or bready and very heavy.

The sweet one was Biscoff-Crunch. Delectable caramelised biscuits bits that gave a nice contrasting crunch. Yum!

Dochi Dochi @ Joo Chiat Road

Might seem a lot for 2 persons to share but it wasn’t. Each mochi donut was approximately 1.5 inches in diameter and I could easily chomp down each ball in one mouthful.

Dochi Dochi @ Joo Chiat Road

The drinks came ready-made in bottles. Once you place your order, they will just retrieve the bottled drinks from the fridge and serve to you.

Matcha Latte $4.50 (on the left)

Rich, creamy and milky. Not overly sweet. Could really taste the matcha fragrance.

Honey Yuzu Tea $3.50 (on the right)

Very refreshing drink to have on a hot afternoon. Not too sweet too.

Dochi Dochi mochi donuts

Customised Savoury Box $15

Consisted of 4 x Truffle Mushroom, 3 x Parmesan Garlic Butter and 3 x Kani-Mayo. I was equally blown away by the Truffle Mushroom. Fragrant truffle and earthy mushroom is always a divine pairing.

I couldn’t decide if the Truffle Mushroom or Parmesan Garlic Butter was better – I just enjoyed both.

The Kani-Mayo (imitation crab with mayonnaise) was quite ordinary and tasted as expected but we did like the ebiko topping that gave a nice ‘pop’.

Dochi Dochi mochi donuts

Assorted Sweet Box $12

Consisted of 2 pieces of each sweet flavour – Kaya-lah, Maple Osmanthus, Biscoff-Crunch, Oreo Bomb and Nutty-Tella.

To my own surprise, I actually liked Maple Osmanthus best. Normally, we would see this flavour in Chinese style desserts or Korean sweet rice cakes so to have it with mochi donuts was something very new and unique to me. But it totally worked! It was mildly sweet and the osmanthus fragrance really stood out. Overall, it was light, refreshing and delicious.

Nutty-Tella reminded us of Ferrero Rocher but in a more nutty and crunchy way.

Biscoff-Crunch and Oreo Bomb did not fail either but I considered them as predictable, classic flavours. Nothing to really rave about because we all know how they taste like. Kaya-lah was my least favourite as it was kinda plain.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we thought the savouries fared better than the sweets though I wouldn’t mind eating both anytime, lol. We polished off 22 mochi donuts at one shot even though we already had lunch elsewhere prior but we didn’t even get sickly of them. If it was those bready or cakey donuts, I would probably give up by the time I hit the second piece. These mochi donuts and the respective toppings were nicely executed. Can’t wait to come back to Dochi Dochi to grab another 2 boxes to go! Looking forward to seeing more new flavours too.?

Be Steady, Eat Dochi!

Dochi Dochi
95 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore 427389
11.00am to 9.00pm Tues-Fri
10.00am to 9.00pm Sat-Sun
Closed on Mondays

(65) 9012 8089



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