Fat Po – Serving Up Innovative Western-Asian Fusion Dishes

After a long hike along the North Eastern Riverine Loop, we ended up at the Punggol East Container Park. The last time we came here, it was still pre-COVID times. I recalled meeting PM Lee & his wife who were also there taking a walk together with their entourage. Hubby and I then went to Big Fish Small Fish for dinner.

Not much has changed since then though it feels like a long time ago. The container park is still a nice F&B enclave with various eateries and watering holes. Al fresco dining by the waterway. Chill vibes and good ambience as always.

Fat Po - Serving Up Innovative Western-Asian Fusion Dishes

This time round, we decided to explore beyond the container park and check out what was nearby at Tebing Lane. Not bad options actually. There were lok lok, seafood, Indian Muslim food, fusion food, a bar & bistro and a cafe.

What caught our attention was Fat Po, the sister restaurant of Whisk & Paddle next door. We spotted interesting fusion dishes on their menu so decided to have dinner there.

Fat Po - Serving Up Innovative Western-Asian Fusion Dishes

Restaurant ambience

Loved the interior and the ambience. Spacious dining area with high ceiling. Pretty laid-back place.


Just scan the QR code for their digital menu and send in your order from there.

For the full menu, you can refer to their Facebook page here.

The menu is extensive and adventurous. Expect to see fusion dishes like mantou sliders, bolo bun burgers, pasta with Asian flavours and more.

Fat Po - Serving Up Innovative Western-Asian Fusion Dishes

Woohoo! What a feast! I really like that we can get to try different cuisines in one sitting.

Fat Po - Serving Up Innovative Western-Asian Fusion Dishes

Lok-Lok Classic Set $12.80

Consisting of tiger prawn, pork belly, broccoli and abalone mushroom (2 sticks each).

To my own surprise, I thought the broccoli sticks tasted the best because they were very well seasoned although the stems were a little oily. That seasoning powder was very flavourful and tasty.

Pork belly was normal. Oyster mushrooms were decent too but just a tad bland.

Size of the tiger prawn was not bad. Except for the sharp pointy tip on the prawn head, you can basically devour the whole shrimp, shells and tail because it was fried to a nice crisp. The prawn meat, however, still remained firm and crunchy.

Deep Fried Chicken Skin $9.80

Served with belachan chilli. These crispy chicken skin were surprisingly light and not greasy because they were just the skin layers without any fats underneath. And when dipped into that belachan chilli, it was just so shiok and addictive. So much kick but not too spicy. I can have this as a movie snack anytime!

Fat Po - Serving Up Innovative Western-Asian Fusion Dishes

Cream Sauce Eggs $18.80

Chicken leg chunks, spinach, cream sauce, 2 sous-vide eggs and a mini baguette, served in a skillet.

We unanimously agreed that this dish was the best of all! Chicken was tender. Egg yolks were runny. Sauce was so rich and creamy. Even the baguette tasted fresh and good. Just wished the baguette was bigger in size so we would have enough of it to mop up all that delicious sauce, lol.

Order this to share with others. Don’t have it all by yourself because it can get quite sickly.

Fat Po - Serving Up Innovative Western-Asian Fusion Dishes

Masala Breaded Fish Bolo Burger $19.80

Impressed by the portion size when this was served to our table. That piece of fish was longer than the diameter of the plate, lol.

The breaded fish was fried to a lovely crisp and crunch while the inside remained soft and moist. I think the fish was those frozen sutchi or dory fillet – not my favourite type of fish because of its somewhat ‘muddy’ taste.

Was a little disappointed with the masala sauce too as the scent of spices didn’t quite stand out.

The bolo buns at Fat Po are apparently baked fresh daily. Hubby commented that he liked the bolo bun better than everything else on the plate. Probably because the bolo bun had a sweet-tasting top which didn’t go very well with the fried fish.

Next time, I would just order 2 bolo buns for him, lol.

Overall, this dish was still not bad. Worth ordering especially if you have a few people in your dining group because the portion size is so substantial which makes it very shareable. But I would suggest that the bolo bun and the fried fish be eaten separately and not together.

Fat Po - Serving Up Innovative Western-Asian Fusion Dishes

All prices are before 10% service charge and 7% GST.

Final Thoughts

All in all, we had a wonderful dining experience here at Fat Po. Food portion sizes are really big here so this place is really ideal for group gatherings so you can order more dishes to share with everyone.

Will we be back? Of course we would. Hubby still wants his bolo buns. And I still want to eat that Cream Sauce Eggs! There are other items that we also want to try like the otak-otak mantous, chicken chop laksa and prawn pancake.

Got to do another hike to burn off all these calories!?

Fat Po
10 Tebing Lane
Singapore 828836
12.00pm to 10.00pm Tue-Thu
12.00pm to 10.30pm Fri
12.00pm to 10.30pm Sat
9.30pm to 10.00pm Sun

(65) 6244 4505



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