Filtrete Air Cleaning Filter from 3M


I’m normally very sensitive to environmental allergens like dust, animal dander, mold or smoke that can trigger really bad symptoms of blocked nose, running nose, sneezing and even dry coughing for days or weeks. Especially during the haze period some weeks back that greatly affected the whole of Singapore, these symptoms of mine came back with a vengeance. Even though Singaporeans were constantly reminded to remain indoors and preferably in air-conditioned rooms, I could still smell a faint tinge of smoke coming through the air-con at home.

When my husband came across this air filter product from Home-Fix which he easily cut to fit our air-con’s mesh screen, I was skeptical if it would work. Each pack (S$17+) consists of 2 pieces of filter pads of size 30cm x 60cm which is sufficient for up to 4 air-con units.

After one night of using the air filter, I could immediately feel the difference the next morning. My nose stopped running and I could breathe much much better. The air passing through the air-con felt cleaner with no trace of smoky smell. After a couple of days of usage, we took out the filter pads and noticed that they had turned really black and dirty – so you can imagine the severity of the haze taking the toll on anyone’s health.

These air-con filter pads are effective in capturing airborne particles like dust, pollen, mold, pet dander and smoke from the air passing through the filter. Apparently, it is a high technology air-filter that uses electrostatically charged fibres to trap airborne pollutants and micro-allergens as claimed by 3M. They last up to 2 months of use.

If you share the same allergies as me, you may like to give this product a try. It is not cheap (being 3M brand) but it’s well worth for health reasons so you can continue your day-to-day activities without unnecessary discomfort =)

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