Food Factory Outlet Shopping at Woodlands Terrace (Part 2 of 3): Melvados

After spending a frosty hour at Fassler (read Part 1 of this post here) getting our salmon and seafood essentials, godma and I headed further down the road to Foodedge Gourmet where a free food sampling was happening at Melvados.

Melvados provides convenient solutions for meals with frozen items like soups, gourmet breads, cooked meats, lasagne, sauces, condiments, brownies, cakes, premium ice creams, yoghurt, desserts and more.


Facade of Foodedge Gourmet (Melvados)


Customers just kept flocking in from 10am onwards

One of the biggest and longest food sampling lines I've seen!

One of the biggest and longest food sampling lines I’ve seen!

I should have taken a picture at the beginning of the food sampling when everything was just taken out and arranged on the tables. Each plate or tray of samples is actually the retail size of the product and each sampling portion is not just a tiny bite but a generous mouthful chunk. Toothpicks are on the tables so you can just try all their items freely as much as you like, if you’re thick-skinned enough to not feel embarrassed about it. At the end, there are also the savouries like lasagne, baked pasta, baked rice, soups, tandoori chicken and sauces. Disposable sauce dishes and forks are available for you to scoop the items onto them and try out. Needless to say, everything went pretty fast because there were many people around and everyone just sampled to their hearts’ content.

Anyway, I had seen families with kids there who basically had ‘brunch’ there without paying a single cent but Melvados didn’t seem to mind. Everyone was just having a good time, trying out new foods and of course buying them home for own consumption or as gifts because each tray of bakes comes in a nice Melvados box that is perfect for gifting. The thing is, everything for sampling is quite dense and heavy so I ended up feeling quite full after trying a small bit of most of the items.

So what are the items available for sale?


and more than 20 choices of breads, Swiss chocolate bars and cookies. Simply spoilt for choice. There’s definitely something for everyone!

And my loot from Melvados?


Beef Lasagne (4 portions) $16.00, Black & White Brownies $27/tray (10 slices)

I could have bought more if I didn’t buy that much from Fassler earlier as I couldn’t carry more. Well, this just means I’d have to go back again with the husband to grab more brownies. I’m already aiming for their turkey ham spinach quiches!

My godma bought their D24 durian mousse cake ($30). It’s quite nice! I shall buy one for the parents next time since they are durian lovers too.


And this is the Black & White Brownie I bought. I like it frozen so the texture is a little firm like eating a hard ice cream cake. It is delishly chocolatey and I just love the white and dark chocolate chips on top that give it a crunch. This is like one of the best brownies I’ve had in Singapore! And it’s only $27 for 10 pieces! What a deal!

As for the lasagne which I didn’t manage to get a picture of (because they got stuck to my baking tray when I place it in the oven since I don’t have a microwave to heat it up and became a mess when I tried to dig them out), they tasted really good too. Sauces were in separate containers which you can heat up in a sauce pan and then drizzle over the warmed-up lasagne. Every piece is filled with a generous helping of minced beef, onions and cheese so it makes it the ultimate comfort food, good for suppers because you can just pop into the microwave and enjoy it in seconds.

Melvados’ frozen meals do not come with preservatives. Basically, they are cooked and then immediately frozen to preserve its freshness and flavour. That’s why these frozen meals have shorter life spans as compared to processed ones sold in supermarkets. They may not be the cheapest but are of good restaurant standard and quality. Something that you can buy and prepare at home for your guests if you’re hosting a dinner party without going through too much hassle to cook.

The free food sampling happens on the last Saturday of the month from 10.00am to 2.00pm. Come early while samples last. Cash, NETS and credit card mode of payments are accepted here.

Alternatively, Melvados also does home deliveries if you order via their website. There is free delivery for orders above $100 or orders above $50 with one cake.

Melvados also has an outlet in Joo Chiat:

216 Joo Chiat Road
#01-11, Singapore 427483
Tel: 64449351
Opening Hours: 10.00 am – 8.00 pm daily

The prices of all items in this outlet are the same as that of the factory’s or online’s so whereever you go, you get the same deals.

Happy shopping!

Melvados (within Foodedge Gourmet)
26 Woodlands Terrace
Tel: 6339 4953
Opening hours:
10.00am to 4.30pm (Mon-Fri)
9.00am to 1.00pm (Sat)
Closed on Sun & PH

[In Part 3 of this post, I will be covering CS Tay where you can get frozen products like Japanese crispy chicken, seaweed chicken, marinated chicken, sausages and more.]


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