Foodie Market Place @ Tiong Bahru – Your One Stop Shop for Meat, Cheese and Specialty Products

I’m truly envious of people residing in Tiong Bahru because it’s a charmingly quaint and tranquil estate filled with a wide selection of old time hawkers dishing up awesomely good local food. It also constantly renews itself with fresh elements, from the various hip cafes perfect to chill out in to the more underrated gems like this shop I’m recommending which is definitely stocked up with deals and bargains to be explored and enjoyed – perfect for the ‘auntie’ like me, lol.

Foodie Market Place

Foodie Market Place specialises in air-flown chilled beef & lamb, frozen meats & seafood, frozen vegetables, cheeses, ready-to-cook frozen products, canned products, ice creams & frozen desserts, seasonings, marinates, condiments, spices and even beverages and snacks.

Foodie Market Place

This is the address of the place.

Foodie Market Place

It is located in an inconspicuous corner of a row of shophouses along Eng Hoon Street, behind Link Hotel.

A quick look around the shop…

Foodie Market Place Chilled beef and lamb

Chilled beef and lamb

Foodie Market Place frozen desserts, soups, sausages, seafood and meat products

Frozen desserts, soups, sausages, seafood and meat products

They carry limited selections of Fassler soup packs too which are slightly more expensive here. You can buy them directly from Fassler factory at Woodlands Terrace instead. (Read my review about Fassler here)

Foodie Market Place More frozen products

More frozen products

Foodie Market Place Wide selection of assorted cheeses

A glorious array of assorted cheeses

Probably the best selection of cheeses and the most competitive prices I’ve seen to date. Most of them are cheaper than what we can get elsewhere.

Foodie Market Place Desserts

These crepes and pancakes look delish! On my to-buy list next!

And here are my recommended buys after two visits:


If you often buy your poultry from the wet market or supermarket, you’d know how cheap this pack of cut chicken leg really is. $3.80 for a kg with a portion size similar to a small whole chicken. I can split this half-half for 2 meals if cooking for 2 persons. Absolutely a steal! Must buy!


How much does a whole slab of baby back ribs cost in a restaurant? Probably at least $35-$40 per slab but I could get it at under $6 here. All I need are extra BBQ sauce and honey to make an easy yet delectable honey BBQ ribs at home at just under $10! Recipe will be posted up soon 🙂


The same price paid would only get me 200g of bacon from NTUC Fairprice (house brand value pack from chilled section) so this is another value for money deal if you eat a lot of bacon. Best thing is, you can freeze them up to keep for longer.


$7.50 for this thick stick of pepperoni salami – I really don’t know where else can be cheaper than this. I cut it up to thin slices and used them on pizzas. Absolutely scrumptious!


Normally, I’d buy cheddar cheese from NTUC Fairprice at about $5.95 for 250g so this enormous 1kg pack is definitely worth getting. Great for pizzas, pastas, sandwiches and wraps.


This whole slab of Italian Pecorino Romano costs only $6.41 (priced by weight) which I’ve used countless times over pizzas, pastas and salads.


The same weight of fresh mixed salad leaves would cost $6.99 at Cold Storage but this is about half price here. And everything is freshly packed with hardly any withering or yellow leaves which is good.

IMGP2369 (800x547)

Previously, I had bought Waitrose brand of beans from Cold Storage at $3.15-$3.40 per can but over here, they cost about $2.40-$2.60 each. I use a lot of these beans in salads as well as the garbanzos to make hummus dips. Low GI, low fat and low calories – the perfect superfood for us.

Foodie Market Place Soft Frozen Lemonade Strawberry ($1.10 each) and Grape Juice Bar ($0.70 each)

Soft Frozen Lemonade Strawberry ($1.10 each) and Grape Juice Bar ($0.70 each)

I remembered the last time I ever had such a ‘push up’ ice pop was during the 80s or 90s so I’m really surprised that Minute Maid still makes such ice pops today. And of course, we had to grab some to go. While the concept of eating these frozen treats was pure fun, taste wise, they didn’t wow me because of their artificial flavouring plus they were just saccharine sweet.

It is definitely worthwhile to make a trip to Foodie Market Place to check out what it has to offer. Even though it looks like a speciality shop that caters to expatriates, I see mostly locals there shopping for their groceries and daily meal necessities. I like shopping here because it’s not a pretentious place and the prices of most if not all products are actually much lower than elsewhere and the quality is as good if not better. For info, most products are imported from USA, Europe and Australia if the country of origin is a concern so that is a reassuring factor.

Many people come here for the Spanish olive oils, cheeses as well as chilled beef. And at the same time, you can also buy spices and seasonings to marinate your meats before cooking so it’s really convenient and hassle-free to shop here. I’d be returning soon to stock up on chicken and ribs. Say hello if you see me there!

Foodie Market Place
225 Outram Road
Tel: 6224 3290
Facebook page
Opening hours:
11.00am to 8.00pm (Tue-Fri)
9.00am to 6.00pm (Sat-Sun)
Closed on Mondays


  • Wow. This looks amazing! Thank you for sharing this place. We’re too far away to actually visit, but I suppose we can dream. The cheese selection alone would be reason enough to go! Yummy!

    Thanks for following our blog! We can’t wait to read yours, too!

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