He just called. And he left for Redang.

I really have a great phobia of picking up the phone these days. Because most of the times, the calls do not bring me good news. They would make me feel nauseated & dizzy. And the worst? I’d become hysterically agitated and my blood pressure will shoot up again. I have border line high blood pressure and it’s just not a nice feeling to have.

Seriously, I need to learn to manage my stress before it gets out of control.

Have you ever felt like you’re not being yourself sometimes because of special circumstances? Or perhaps it was just the way you were moulded as you were growing up so a different action might defy your supposed commitments and moral standards?

I’m not making much sense today perhaps. And I’m just in a thinking mood all week long. I’m Free but I’m not Free. How contradicting indeed.

by Geri Tan

people wish to leave home

Some people,
hope to walk out of their shadows
and seek inner peace & freedom

Some people,
want to walk out of loneliness immediately
and hope to fall into the depths of warmth and love

At these times,
people often wish to walk out of the present
and allow the fire in their hearts to burn at a new temperature once again

Ask yourself
How many times have you felt this way?
have you achieved what you want to achieve?
Life is too short for bad wine
Free yourself
Be true to yourself
Let life relights its fire

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